The approximate date of eruption of first deciduous teeth – six to eight months. However, the permissible deviations from this indicator for several months, both in one and in the other direction. Someone from kids first incisors appear at four months and one long-awaited tooth gets only to the first birthday. Therefore, to be guided by clear time frames in this matter is not necessary.

One of the most obvious symptoms of teething is a strong salivation. Often leaves saliva in the corners of the mouth and the lower face of the child unpleasant red spots. To relieve irritation by using special sanitary napkins or clean handkerchief. Don't forget to treat problem areas baby cream suitable for your kid.

The process of teething usually causes the baby has a strong desire to bite something hard, and thus to relieve the itching in the inflamed gums. Invite the child with special cutters, which are sold in pharmacies. Many models feature a special cooling effect. To cool teething toy is enough to put it on half an hour in the fridge, and then give your baby.

As a rule, the stronger growth of the teeth occurs at night, so baby's sleep is intermittent and disturbed. To soothe your baby during night waking, attach it to the chest. It is the most safe and effective method of pain relief. Gums child iskusstvenniy can lubricate the baby cream or gel with the effect of anesthesia. This will ensure that the baby is not allergic to this drug.

Indirect symptoms of teething are increased temperature and temporal irregularity. In most cases, swollen gums can actually cause such troubles. However, you should carefully monitor the condition of the baby. If to bring down the temperature at home fails, and the chair does not come back for several days, consult a pediatrician.