The process of teething

To know that soon your baby will start to zubastenkaya, even his behavior. First, the child begins to constantly pull in my mouth all in a row, increased salivation, behavior becomes more excitable. In some cases, may even have a fever to 40 degrees, will cause the chair. Usually these symptoms for six to eight months, although it can be detected early.

First cut the two lower Central incisor, then the top two, next the lateral incisors, canines and molars (or chewing). In General, the process may be delayed until 2.5—3 years when the baby already has about twenty milk teeth.

Features of eruption

Most parents expect this period with some caution and fear, because it will suffer not only the baby but also the mom and dad. However, some of the teeth is completely painless, and mom to notice in no time in baby's mouth has already appeared the first milk tooth. But for those who are not lucky so much, it is possible to alleviate the suffering of the child, using special cooling gels, and in the case of temperature rise even to give antipyretic means. But in any case it is necessary to consult a pediatrician and closely follow the instructions of drugs.

The most secure option relieve mild pain – use special toys-teethers, which can be bought at any pharmacy. Taking into account that the toy will always be in your mouth baby, you should from time to time wash it with warm water and soap to get germs. Kids in this period are all pulling in the mouth, and should carefully monitor the state of cleanliness of the hands, especially after the street or in contact with animals.

Prevention and care of teeth

And finally, the appearance of the teeth, even milk, the obligation not to forget about their care. Mandatory regular cleaning or latex brush, worn on the finger, or a regular baby brush.

To encourage brushing is to first take advantage of warm boiled water. The brush is dipped into it and massage gums and baby teeth. This procedure allows you to remove plaque and to teach your baby to hold the brush and the oral hygiene. First, the baby can start to chew on the brush, to play her, but that is normal. With time he will learn to handle it properly if it is to show how to do it. Parents - a great role model for the children.

About toothpaste the experts disagree: someone supports, someone considers it inappropriate. However, if the parents decided to teach baby to brush teeth with toothpaste, should it choose children's toothpaste, which is poluchenii, which means that when swallowed, will not cause harm to the child. Regular care for the oral cavity will save the baby bottle tooth decay, allowing the molars to grow healthy and strong.