You will need
  • cooling gels;
  • toys-gryzunki;
  • - first a toothbrush, fingertip.
Most importantly, years of proven, remedy for teething massages gums. It is pure parental finger. After washing hands and conveniently placing the baby on his knee, gently massage the gums, avoiding the strong pressing. You can use a special tooth-brush in the form of silicone fingertip with soft tendrils. It is not excluded that at the first moment the massage seems painful to the child, but he will quickly feel the investment from itching of the gums.
Use special cooling gels. The pharmaceutical industry has not remained deaf to the suffering of kids from the appearance of the teeth and released a few variants of gels to relieve the pain: "After", "Kalgel", "Kamistad", "Mundial", "Holisal", "Dr. Baby" (the latter is suitable, in particular, for children with allergies). It is possible to make local applications with these gels 3-4 times a day, it is recommended to use them no longer than three consecutive days. A large part of the drugs has a pleasant taste, because, in addition to the main active ingredient (lidocaine) contains menthol and other harmless flavors.
Let's chew the baby a special toy (silicone gryzunki) and solid foods age-appropriate: drying bread pieces, Apple slices, carrots, etc. the Child will signal that it's time to buy him a tooth ring, starting to pull in her mouth fingers and various objects. Active-massage the gums will help first teeth to appear a little faster.