Advice 1: How to speed up eruption of teeth

Often the first teeth in infants is associated with excruciating pain and, as a consequence, the tantrums, the sleepless nights. To cause teeth prematurely impossible is a physiological state of the organism, evolving according to its program. However, if the process of emergence of teeth has already begun, and it is the obvious way gives the child discomfort, you a little to relieve him.
How to speed up eruption of teeth
You will need
  • cooling gels;
  • toys-gryzunki;
  • - first a toothbrush, fingertip.
Most importantly, years of proven, remedy for teething massages gums. It is pure parental finger. After washing hands and conveniently placing the baby on his knee, gently massage the gums, avoiding the strong pressing. You can use a special tooth-brush in the form of silicone fingertip with soft tendrils. It is not excluded that at the first moment the massage seems painful to the child, but he will quickly feel the investment from itching of the gums.
Use special cooling gels. The pharmaceutical industry has not remained deaf to the suffering of kids from the appearance of the teeth and released a few variants of gels to relieve the pain: "After", "Kalgel", "Kamistad", "Mundial", "Holisal", "Dr. Baby" (the latter is suitable, in particular, for children with allergies). It is possible to make local applications with these gels 3-4 times a day, it is recommended to use them no longer than three consecutive days. A large part of the drugs has a pleasant taste, because, in addition to the main active ingredient (lidocaine) contains menthol and other harmless flavors.
Let's chew the baby a special toy (silicone gryzunki) and solid foods age-appropriate: drying bread pieces, Apple slices, carrots, etc. the Child will signal that it's time to buy him a tooth ring, starting to pull in her mouth fingers and various objects. Active-massage the gums will help first teeth to appear a little faster.
Teething can bring your child not the most pleasant feeling. But cannot be attributed to teeth fever, irregular bowel movement and respiratory diseases. These symptoms may appear on the background of low immunity during growth of teeth, but they are not caused by this process.
Useful advice
Sometimes the parents noticed the baby emerges through the gums, the teeth, in no hurry to increase the dose of calcium they consumed. However, excessive dairy products and calcium-containing preparations does not affect the rate of eruption and the quality of the milk teeth, because they laid the children are still in utero.

Advice 2 : How to numb the teething baby

Teething is a very important event in the life of the baby. It begins, as a rule, in the period from 3 to 12 months. Every child is different takes this period. For some, it goes unnoticed, but for others – very painful. Therefore, it is important to know how to help your child to ease his suffering.
How to numb the teething baby
Currently there is a huge variety of special rings teethers. Before giving a toy to the baby, hold her for some time in the fridge. Cold is able to reduce swelling and inflammation.
Give the child to drink some chilled water and a cool smoothie, or yogurt. Massage gently the gums with your finger or purchased silicone toothbrush.
Use analgesic gel ("After", "Kalgel", "Kamistad", "Mundial", "Holisal"). Use this drug for a particular mode: hurts – smear, it doesn't hurt – you can't miss. But don't get carried away, more than 3-4 times a day and more than 3 consecutive days is better do not use. In addition, if the child is breastfed, try not to use pain-relieving gels, as it can get on the tongue, and the baby will be hard to suck.
If the child during the period of teething the temperature rises, you can give him an antipyretic drug ("Nurofen", "Panadol"). But first consult the child's doctor, because these medications can have a negative impact on the gastric mucosa.
Chamomile tea is the most secure, but no less effective means to ease the pain of baby teething. To do this, 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers pour 1 Cup boiling water. Allow to steep for 30-40 minutes. This broth lubricate the baby's gums. Chamomile, in addition to anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, has a calming effect.
As you can see, there are several ways to ease the discomfort of teething. What way to choose – you decide. But the main thing sedative for a child is your love and affection. Often keep it on hand, pay more attention, try to distract and soothe.

Advice 3 : Teething in children: what to do

One of the reasons for the crying of a small child – the pain of prorezalsya teeth. Some kids can easily survive this process, while others suffer greatly. If your child's teeth is very painful, it is necessary to find a way to alleviate his condition.

Massage gums

During growth of teeth your baby's gums itchy. The baby pulls everything in his mouth and tries to chew. To carry out the massage of gums in different ways. First, you can give the baby a crouton or drying. In this case, care must be taken that the child does not bite off a big piece and choked.

Secondly, on the shelves of children's shops is now a lot of different teethers. In most cases they are made of silicone of different density or similar materials and have the relief. Sometimes there are soft toys, some of which is made in the form of teethers (for example, pens rabbit can be specifically designed to massage the gums of the baby). Some teethers are filled with fluid. These can cool in the refrigerator or under running cool water and then give to baby to chew. As you know, the cold eases the pain. Teether should be comfortable for the little hands of the baby and easily fit in his mouth (some models are too thick or massive).

It is not necessary to give the baby to chew on a pacifier or the nipple of the bottle. They can easily break sharp baby teeth. In this case, the nipple or a pacifier will throw in the discontinuities of the silicone and the rubber is starting to highlight unsafe substances.

Gels for teething

There are many types of anesthetic gels. Most of them are based on lidocain. These are the gel, as for example "Kalgel", "After" or "Holisal". They relieve pain in the gums when applied topically. Before using gels, be sure to read the instructions and contraindications. They act quickly enough. From the disadvantages include high cost, tolerance to lidocaine (it ceases to act in frequent use) and the risk of Allergy.

The cheaper option is the use of gels, plant-based (for example, a "Baby Doctor"). As in the case of the above, herbal preparation, you may receive an allergic reaction. For some kids, this gel will help, and some will have no effect. In this case, all individually.

Antipyretic and analgesic

In case of fever teething or pain relief can be used drugs such as "Panadol"or "Nurofen". They are available in the form of syrup or candles. It should be remembered that these drugs have a heavy load on the baby's liver, so they can't be used more than a few days. It is imperative to read the instructions before you give painkillers to the child. Each such drug has its own dose for a certain age of the baby and limit the amount of time it is possible to apply it.

To pain syrup or candles it is better to resort in extreme cases. For example, when severe pain the baby is not sleeping through the night.

Other ways to ease the pain of teething

There is a homeopathic remedy designed specifically for use in the period of teething, – "Vibracal". This candle is plant-based with complex action: analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The best effect of this drug gives, if applied within a few days.

To relieve inflammation of the gums, helps wash the baby's mouth chamomile extract or drink chamomile tea. Analgesic effect also has been sucking, so teething can often give the baby breast or bottle.

Each child will help a certain way to ease the pain of teething. There is no universal recipe. Young parents need to have patience in this difficult period and look for what will help their baby.
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