How is the teething

Teething in humans occurs twice in a lifetime: the appearance of the first deciduous teeth and during their shifts at the root. There are cases when already in adulthood erupt wisdom teeth, but this is not all.

Initially the teeth are in bone. As ripening begins their movement to the alveolar processes. This process can last for several weeks. A signal that the the teeth will soon appear, is excessive salivation in your baby. The child becomes cranky, constantly pulls his hands or foreign objects in the mouth. Teething may be fever, runny nose, upset his chair.

On the surface of the gums there is a small tubercle. This is the tip of the tooth, the gingival is covered with a hood. Further, the tubercle increases in size, the gums swell. After some time of hatching the edge of the tooth, and the pain gradually subsides.

Complications of teething

The bumps that occur during teething, it is very easy to injure, which can complicate the process. Also, while appearing on the surface of the tooth can be preserved gingival jumper. Permanent baby's desire to chew on something, not always clean hands, toys and other items can cause the breeding of bacteria.

Injuries, wounds, bacteria provoke an inflammatory process in the gums. It becomes red, swollen. The baby can feel pain and discomfort. On the background of inflammation can rise body temperature to 38 – 38,5 OS, in rare cases, increase to 40.

How to help your child

Neglected gingivitis may lead to abscess and suppuration. In this case, without the qualified professional assistance, alas, can not do. But at the initial stage you can help your child on their own.

For pain relief give your child to chew on a chilled teether for teeth. Better if it will be in the form of a closed figure with a special filler inside. Before you give a teether to a child, don't forget to sterilize it. It also helps to relieve pain cold teaspoon, which you need to drive on the gums. If you decide to give the baby solid fruits or vegetables (carrot, Apple, etc.), ensure that it does not choke.

To speed up the teething helps massage. Wash your hands thoroughly and Pat your finger to the gums, starting with a healthy, gradually approaching the inflamed areas. Light circular movements massage the sore spot, pinch his index finger and thumb at the same time. Watch the reaction of the baby and improvise.

Severe pain come to the aid of a special cooling gels and analgesic syrups. In addition, or wrap your baby with attention and love. The knowledge that parents will not leave him in the lurch, improve well-being.