When kittens erupt permanent teeth

Как меняются зубы у котят

The change of teeth in kittens usually begins at the age of three to five months and lasts for about 12-16 weeks.

First erupt the permanent front teeth – the incisors. This usually happens at the age of 3-5 months. Then, in 4-6 months the kitten change sharp fangs. Behind them, at the age of 4-6 months start to grow premolars (cheek teeth) and molars (similar to wisdom teeth in humans). It is believed that in healthy six-month old kitten should be cut all the teeth. To 9 months the permanent teeth should grow and form.
Fallen baby teeth kittens often swallow.

Permanent teeth cats have 30 4 more than dairy. Both upper and lower jaw is six incisors and two long fangs. And the number of molars on the top and bottom differ: in the upper jaw there are four premolar and two molars on the bottom – six premolars and two molars.

How to care for a kitten during the change of teeth

Как меняются зубы у собак

In most cases the change of teeth in kittens is without any problems. Sometimes the owners may not even notice that their pet's baby teeth fall out and grow permanent. However, this is a good time to regularly examine the oral cavity of a kitten: the gums should be pink and smooth, there should not be seen broken teeth.
If you notice in your mouth kitten wounds or abscesses, or if the animal behaves nervously too – you need to contact your veterinarian.

One of the symptoms of the change of teeth may be the desire of a kitten to chew everything that gets in his eyes, including furniture. This is normal, but for a kitten at this time, it's better how to look after it, otherwise it may harm not only your belongings but also their own health. You can purchase at the pet store special toys and treats that will serve as "trainer" for your pet's teeth. But try the fortress of fangs, biting the hands of the owner is unacceptable. Most likely, the kitten will try to do it. It must be tough to stop otherwise a habit of biting may persist in his entire life.

And, of course, during the growth of the teeth should follow the menu kitten: his diet should contain plenty of calcium and phosphorus. In pet stores you can buy vitamin complexes and mineral supplements that contain all the substances necessary for the kitten.