First the teeth begin to form during fetal development - 5-6 months. The newborn already has 20 teeth are inside the gums, waiting. Them to grow from the 4th month of life. The deadline for the start of teething, every child individually.
Rare children's teeth painlessly. Milk teeth penetrate the gums, with tearing of the tissues, accompanied by pain. The first symptoms of this important process are:
- increased anxiety of the child;
- swelling and pain in the gums;
- increased salivation;
- in some cases - fever, upset stomach.
To notice the approaching teething can be a few days before the first symptoms appear. In Desna you can see a small bulge in which are discernible the first tooth. From this day on, you can begin to conduct the first preventive action.
How can you help the baby in the period of eruption of first primary teeth? To reduce pain of gum to be cooled. For this fit special teethers (you can buy at the pharmacy or shop). The teether is the rubber rattle with a dimpled texture, sometimes with water inside. The rattle is chilling in the fridge and given to the child. Sucking cold teether reduces pain, and its relief texture massages gums.Can be wound on your finger dipped in cold water gauze and massage baby's gums.
If the baby is already familiar with the first feeding, you can give him to chew a crust of bread. But only under your watchful eye.
In pharmacy special creams for teething - "Kalgel", "Solkoderm", "Baby-dent, and so Applying them on baby's gums helps to reduce pain and soften tissues.
Eruption of a tooth may take on average 3-5 days. If the kid has a very strong temperature, call your doctor to rule out colds.