Dryness, cracks and colour can all be the consequence of insufficient nourishment, and therefore is at least two to three times a week to use a moisturizing foot cream or oil to their warm olive oil. For the best effects pre-hardened skin steams and Skrabets, and on top of smeared cream leg to put on socks made of thin cotton to a useful tool was soaked to the skin and not smeared on the bed.

Stress relief

To relax the feet and improve the local blood circulation perfectly fit trays with herbs. Mint, sage, nettle or chamomile brewed half an hour in four hundred milliliters of water and pour into the bowl of hot water. "Accept" the tray needs to cool water. After a relaxing treatment you need to give your feet to dry well and lubricate them with a light cream.

Combating corns

The major cause of calluses and corns usually are uncomfortable shoes with inappropriate size and lack of arch support, so to prevent them you need to carefully approach the selection of shoes and boots. It has already happened to corn will be after applying yogurt peeling: feet thickly lubricated with warm yogurt, put on top plastic bags to have an effect of a steam room and two hours later, the yogurt is washed away.

Prevention of fungus

People using public bathing places, run the risk of catching this nasty infection, but there are a few rules how to avoid the appearance of fungus. First, you need to remember that a fungal infection and multiplies in a moist environment, so the legs should be carefully wiped, and wet shoes are not worn until it dries. To be safe, it is recommended to lubricate the nails with tea tree oil — it is a natural antiseptic.


It is possible to do without the services of a professional masseur, if you learn how to perform simple manipulations on their own. The foot massage is carried out bottom up, massaging the feet first and progressing to the ankle joint. There are many special creams for massage, but it can be done warm olive oil.