You will need
  • - the pelvis;
  • - sea salt;
  • - a pumice stone or a metal brush for the legs;
  • scrub;
  • - nourishing mask;
  • cream;
  • olive and burdock;
  • - vitamin a and E.
Buy natural pumice, but if you have very large growths necrotic tissue, preferably a metal brush. It resembles a grater, but doesn't damage living tissue and removes only the unnecessary layers of the epithelium. Also get sea salt, nourishing foot cream and scrub. In sale there are special masks that nourish the skin and contribute to its mitigation is at your discretion.
Pour into a deep container of warm water and add a little sea salt. Soak feet in water for about 15 minutes - during which time the skin should become softer. Thoroughly clean your heels with a pumice stone or brush. Try to clean off all the dead epithelium, because it is in him and hammered the dirt, giving a dark shade of heels. If you wish, treat the nails with a nail set.
Well wipe your feet with a soft towel and apply a nourishing cream. Procedure is carried out as the formation of necrotic epithelium, but not less than 2 times a month. With regular care heel are very soft and tender.
Use the scrub a few times a week. After treatment of skin peeling, apply a nourishing mask for the feet. Wait a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Apply the cream and wear cotton socks. This procedure is best done before bedtime, and I keep my socks on until the morning.
But if you all else fails, pour into a small container a spoon of olive oil, add the same amount of burdock, capsule of vitamin E and A. mix Thoroughly. The resulting mixture RUB into heels daily. They gradually become soft and healthy.