Topless sunbathing is possible not everywhere and not always. If at some European resorts quite freely exposed even gray-haired old lady, in another part of the same Europe for frivolous conduct may be followed by severe punishment. So before you remove the bathing suit, ask about the attitude towards nudity on the beach in this country. Not stopping to look around. If no tourists around you not in a hurry to be Topless, that may just because here it is not accepted.

On other continents need to be careful. In Arab countries, for example, for the exposure more than the allowable limits face not only high fines, but also the possibility of detention. An absolute ban on total nudity of the upper half of the body exists in the following countries: Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives and all the countries of the Arab Caliphate. In Tunisia tanning in a bathing suit is permitted only at the pool on site, the same situation prevails in the Dominican Republic. In Turkey it all depends on the hotel, some staff are able to pretend that nothing notices, and some still strongly not recommended to remove the bra while outside of your room. In India a ban on sunbathing Topless even written in the law, the offender with a high probability will have to explain to the police.

But in Indonesia, the attitude to the problem are more loyal. To be naked where you can even on the beaches, though not all. The same situation is observed in Mexico. In Greece don't like to see Nude bathers, but do not emphasize it, preferring to pretend that nothing is happening. But in the US, even little girls on the beach and the pool are not allowed to be in shorts. With the exception speaks only in Miami, here sunbathing Topless have become a massive trend that the authorities have been easier to accept than to punish every other guest.

Countries that do not have anything against nudity: France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark,Australia, Jamaica. But it is worth remembering that in Italy full nudity is still banned in Australia or in Jamaica Topless is only allowed on designated beaches.

Anyway, it never hurts to ask about the features and traditions of different countries at the stage of choice of destinations. And in any case don't forget to bring enough sunscreen. In a swimsuit or without, the skin in the southern countries is subjected to the solid test of sun, what precautions to observe not only desirable, but essential.