Sunbathe without a bathing suit?

Of course, aesthetically pleasing to look at tan, evenly distributed throughout the body. Sunbathing Topless today, not only young girls but women aged. Although this hobby is fashionable enough, it is impossible to say with certainty that it is good for health. Tan without a bathing suit can cause serious damage to the health of women. All doctors agree that being in direct sunlight Topless is impossible.

Tan Topless: damage

Women older than 24 years before you lie down to sunbathe without a swimsuit, it is essential to consult an oncologist or a breast. If age less than 24 years of age, a small amount of time on the beach Topless is not contraindicated.

In the presence of moles on the body a dark color, it is desirable to hide them under a swimsuit. This is especially true of those entities which have irregular contour or pigmentation of a different color (shade). Now if it's just a harmless mole, then under the rays of the sun, it can become a source of cancer. In General, any cutaneous seal, swelling, or moles, do not "show" the sun.

You should not sunbathe Topless, and the ladies, who have a predisposition to any of the female diseases, e.g. mastitis. In this case, the ultraviolet light is completely contraindicated. The mammary glands do not expose to the direct rays of especially if the skin in this place the problem.

The sun of the southern countries mercilessly residents of other regions. The indigenous population has a natural defense – they were born and raised under the sun, from childhood they were exposed to high doses of ultraviolet light. Their bodies just got used to it. For residents of the middle band, care is needed to soak up the sun. Now there are many protective cosmetics, you can use them. It is recommended to be in the sun before lunch and after 16 hours. At this time, the sun is not so dangerous.

The second phase of the menstrual cycle – the period when, too, should not sunbathe without a bathing suit. The fact is that at this time there hormonal changes the body, breast structure changes. Subject it to undue stress during this period is impossible.

Direct sunlight though, and give the skin a Golden brown as a nut, but may troubles can do a lot. Sunbathing Topless to properly.