The most popular resorts among Russians, of course, Turkey and Egypt. It would seem that the inhabitants of these countries have the most loyal tourists. But do not forget that it is a Muslim country. Therefore, leaving from the resort, you should dress more chastely. In the United Arab Emirates every year more and more tourists, but the people of this country are not always happy with unleashed behavior of foreigners. To avoid conflicts, do not forget that you are in a country with Muslim laws, therefore, do not dress frivolously. Do not forget about this in Morocco. If you came for the beach and the hotel, please dress modestly and cover your hair.
In Thailand and India beyond the beach also should dress "decently". Is t-shirt wear a shirt with a collar, and the local population certainly imbued with the respect for you. In the Caribbean there are separate rules for each island. On many Islands it is forbidden to sunbathe Topless or wearing camouflage, others to wear beach type towns. In the Fiji Islands, you should not walk in mini-skirts and even clothing without sleeves, because the locals will take it as an insult to their traditions.
In the resort area or on the beach you can afford any outfit, especially that clothes for summer getaway is very diverse. In fashion bright colors, transparent materials and light silhouette. For strapless dresses or one shoulder dress, this season is very popular bare shoulders. If you prefer to wear leisure shorts, please note that they must be very short. Fashionable combination of short shorts with a light loose tunic.
If you decided to go to a ski resort, for skiing you will just need underwear, sweatshirt, fleece, ski suit from the membrane and be sure to wear. Although, if not very cold, then you can do without the sweatshirts. Jacket, sweater, woolen socks leave for walks in the cold.