Rare child swallowed gum at least once in a lifetime, making it partly out of curiosity, because it has repeatedly warned that it will happen something terrible. Or unusual. Or nothing will happen. In General, we can say that after swallowing one chewing gum of any terrible consequences to expect it is not necessary. Chewing gum simply passes through your digestive tract and leaves it in a natural way.

Her journey begins in the mouth where it is chewed long and hard teeth, constantly Olivas from degradation by saliva. It may last a few minutes, hours, and some particularly stubborn people and days. Being swallowed, chewing gum enters the esophagus, which is wave-like movements propels it toward the stomach.

Once in the stomach, it is attacked by gastric juice, which is a concentrated acid solution. The juice will try to dissolve the gum, but it's not going to work.

Practically uninjured, that will continue its journey through the intestinal tract. Since there are no nutrients in it, the body will envelop her gruel and sent to the output as unnecessary ballast.

But even in this simple scenario may fail.

As in young children and adults swallowing gum can lead to aspiration – hit parts of the gum in the respiratory tract. This is quite likely, if you give chewing gum with menthol little child, who, fearing a sharp taste, swallow, haven't really chewed the pad or plate.

Too large a ball can get stuck in the intestinal fold or even clogging them the lumen of the intestine. Before you give your child gum, make sure it spit out the old. If you think he's fat enough already, watch him in the following days, in the case of complaints of abdominal pain immediately consult your doctor, telling him about what happened.