After a meal or instead of a meal?

Chewing gum containing sugar, not helpful either to those who are trying to lose weight or those who problem of excess weight is not concerned. The sugar content in the gum is usually small, so getting fat with it is difficult – unless you chew it all day. But the teeth can cause serious harm – carbohydrates stimulate the growth of microorganisms that destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. So, if you can chew gum during a diet, only sugar.

Chewing gum without sugar can be used to mute at the time the feeling of hunger, often persecuting those who are forced to follow a diet. To replace gum meals all the same it is impossible – while chewing a large amount of gastric juice, acting aggressively on the mucous membrane of the empty stomach. Therefore, long-term chewing can cause even more hunger pangs and regular use of chewing gum instead of eating easily lead to the development of gastritis.
The sweet taste of the gum discourages the desire to eat harmful, but a tempting dessert.

Gum burns calories?

It is believed that the active chewing helps to expend more calories. However, to replace going to the gym smelling of mint and fruits of the pads is still not recommended the consumption of energy when working the facial muscles is not significant enough to seriously affect metabolism. To achieve a noticeable effect, the chewing gum will have a few hours a day.

More recently, in a number of different supplements, supposedly slimming, appeared and chewing gum. Manufacturers indicate that they contain improves metabolism components, vitamins, other biologically active substances.

However, the concentration of essential substances in the plate or pad is not large enough to have an impact on the human body. No matter how strong the temptation to eat whatever you want and lose weight, making efforts in order to expand the package with chewing gum, to rely on only one chewing gum pointless.
Manufacturers do not hide that their production can only be achieved in the limited caloric intake and increasing calorie consumption and diet and physical activity in and of themselves, which helps to reduce weight.

In addition, as a matter of fact, biologically active additive to food, chewing gum for weight loss have the same set of contraindications and side effects that pills for weight loss – the use of such chewing gums are not allowed for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people suffering from certain diseases.