Feed and water the puppy when you are ready to enter with him into the street. To walk at first it is necessary often, at least 6 times a day. Dogs usually go to the toilet after a meal or sleep – 5-15 minutes. Therefore, to walk taxicab right after sleeping and eating. Gradually the puppy gets used to pee outside the apartment.
How to teach <b>a taxi</b> <strong>WC</strong>
If the taksik is in the house where he usually makes piles and puddles, cover them with Newspapers or rags. First, so it will be easier to clean. And secondly, the puppy will get used to going on newspaper or cloth. When this happens, they must be put in a tray that will fit you for the toilet. The tray must first stand in that place. Where the puppy goes to the toilet. Then it slowly each day move the tray in the direction of permanent placement. But if you don't want to texanoc actually went to the toilet at home, even in a tray, slide it towards the front door. One day taksik want to go to the toilet, but the tray is behind a door. Then the dog should urgently take to the streets.
How to teach <b>a taxi</b> <strong>WC</strong>
For puddles that the puppy is doing on your eyes, be sure to punish him. But only if you caught the dog at the scene. If it's been at least a couple of minutes, don't touch the puppy, he will not understand. But if caught, then put the muzzle in a puddle, trogaite. Texanoc savvy will quickly understand what's what.
How to teach <b>a taxi</b> <strong>WC</strong>