The formation of conditioned reflexes is based on the method of positive or negative reinforcements. If you want to wean a Dachshund from a bad habit, use negative reinforcement. But if you want to create a Dachshund habits, use positive reinforcement.
как приучить собаку к туалету
To create lasting behavioral try to walk a Dachshund every day at the same time in the same places. Wear rate collar on the same clasp.
как приучать таксу к туалету
If the fee was pooped at home, show her that this kind of behavior you don't approve of. Move the taxi to the place where she did it, poke her face, then punish. As punishment, you can apply a symbolic blow fingers in the nose (it to be unpleasant), the suggestion in a tone of discontent (dogs can sense the tone). So you will understand the fees that you are not comfortable with her behavior. If you just scold her and give her nose, she might not understand what you are punishing her.
как приучить собаку ходить в туалет в определённое время
If you see that the Dachshund feels the need to toilet, immediately take her outside.
Как приучить собаку ходить на улице
Follow toilet fees in any neutral stimulus, e.g. a sound of a bell, the light of the flashlight. So the dog there a conditional relationship between the stimulus and committing to a toilet.
Как приучить собаку к новому хозяину
If the fee made the toilet in the correct place, praise her. Can you give her a slice of something delicious. So the fee will be to remember that making toilet on the streets is good, because it leads to pleasant consequences.