You will need
  • - aviary.
Don't expect a positive reaction to the exit immediately. Puppy, the first time in an unfamiliar but interesting environment with lots of smells and objects, can be frightened and confused. He just doesn't know yet that here you can sit and "relax". Over time, the dog will show signs of life and other Pets will get used to the noise and odors of the street.
Need through a combination of methods of "carrot and stick" to explain to the animal what you want from him. After feeding take the puppy for a walk. Don't give him long to frolic, the training period should be devoted to a specific purpose of toilet training in the street. If within five minutes the dog did nothing of the planned you, lead her home.
There watch carefully for the pet. When you see that he started looking for a corner to sit down, scream "fu" and take puppy outside. If you have time, and the dog relieved in the yard, to actively praise her and drive back.
At this time, do not remove the pet collar and leash, not to waste time dressing. In the morning it is difficult to keep up with the puppy after a whole night of "abstinence". Don't yell and don't hit the animal. Take him to a place that is easy to clean, and make a small enclosure. The dog will not be able to find a toilet, and will endure. This will teach the puppy to control their excretory functions. Of course, you can not keep the animal constantly.
We can't let the dog manipulate you. It may signal a voice, if you want to walk. But this does not mean that she feels the need to toilet. Observe the behaviour of a puppy on the street. If he squeezes out a drop of urine itself, and then be happy running about in the yard, you spent.
Extracurricular ignore attempts of the dog to walk. Can make a short interim trip when I come home from work to you quietly after that, had dinner and rested.
Strict adherence to the mode of feeding and walks will train the puppy to ask on the street at certain times. For the first time after each "good luck" on the street do not forget to praise your pet. And, of course, do not scold him for puddles and piles in the apartment. The dog is sensitive to mood of the owner and do not want to live in constant negativity.