Even so small, but badly bred dog can bring a lot of trouble and their owners, and other people. And who will enjoy not too healthy puppy from eating like a barrel with legs? Therefore it is necessary to take itself in hands and serious approach to the feeding and education of his toe.


Puppy at the age of 1.5–2 months is recommended to be fed 6 times a day, alternating the cheese, thinned with yogurt or milk, finely chopped raw meat and dairy products. To cook porridge, it is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder oatmeal, rice or buckwheat, good to tenderize, adding 1-3 grains of salt. The interval between feedings a day should be 3-4 hours, and at night you need to teach a puppy not to eat for 8 hours.

For 2-3 months you need to gradually increase the portions and to reduce the number of feedings to 5 times per day. Sometimes, instead of cereal milk to give porridge with meat. You must also enter in the diet of the pet boiled egg yolk.

In 3-5 months we should expand the menu due to the steamed vegetables and fish. Also your baby can drink cow's milk food. At this age, it is sufficient to feed the puppy 4 times a day.

From 5 to 9 months should translate Toya on the meals. And after 9 months the puppy is as an adult dog, is eating 2 times a day. Milk is no longer necessary, but don't neglect the cheese and dairy products, they are needed at any age.

Even an adult dog can not give the following foods: sweets, pasta, white bread. Threat to liver pet fatty, smoked and spicy food, sour cream and butter. As a replacement you can offer favorite fruit, occasional honey, dried black bread.


You should not delay raising a puppy for later. We should start as soon as the baby settled in your home. The first skills of right conduct should instill in your dogs the breeder, but the owner need to work hard on raising a pet.

First and foremost, is to teach your puppy to cleanliness. Need to make room in the newspaper or a special diaper. If the puppy "went" at the designated place, you must praise him and give a treat. Try to play with the baby day in active games, to the evening he was tired, calm and not noisy at night. Make sure that he was safe toys that you can chew. And the things he can spoil, better get out of sight.

You must teach your pet to walk on a leash and run the command "come", or suitable for toy-Terrier "handle" that he could listen to the owner on a walk. Even puppies need to get used safely stay home alone. To do this, start with twenty-minute absences, gradually increasing the time, and soon the pet will wait patiently for your return.

Teach your Terrier to perform simple commands, walk more often and play with him. But if you plan to participate in exhibitions, it is also necessary to train the puppy ring step and racks. All this develops the intelligence of a dog and keeps her from getting bored.

Remember that an adult dog is almost impossible to retrain all habits, bad and good, are formed in childhood, therefore treat the upbringing of a puppy toy Terrier responsibly and seriously.