You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - notarized authorization from the homeowners.
Temporary registration is performed on the basis of Government resolution No. 713. You can get it by contacting the territorial migration service with the application personally or send it by mail. Also submit to the territorial migration service notarized authorization from all homeowners. If you send the application by post, attach photocopies notarized permission.
If your period of temporary registration specified in the application during its execution has expired, you can restore the registration. To do this, re-apply at the territorial migration service, a statement in which you specify a new date. Don't forget that when you get a new notarized authorization from all homeowners.
The same method you can restore the registration expired, if you send by mail the statement and a new photocopy of notarized permission from all homeowners, certified by a notary.
Any owner of a residential area, in which you are registered temporarily, is entitled to apply to the territorial migration service with a request for early termination of temporary registration. You will be discharged, while your physical presence and court orders would be required.
To restore a temporary registration, which was interrupted by this method, contact the homeowners and try to negotiate peacefully about the temporary residence. If you manage to do it, get re-notarized authorization from all owners and will contact the territorial migration service with the application.
If one of the owners of residential area in which you plan to register temporarily, do not agree to issue a notary permission, you will not be able to do it by any means. In this case, to restore a temporary registration can not.