You will need
  • Passport.
  • The document that is the basis for living in a residential area.
  • The piece of departure.
Come to pasportistu housing Department (management company) apply in the approved form. To present your passport. The application may be filed in electronic form through the Internet website of the Unified portal of public Services.
To produce a document that is the basis for living in a residential area: the contract with the owner of the premises, the court's decision recognizing the right of ownership of, warrant, contract of social hiring. When the apartment is shared ownership, available and the registration of all co-owners. If the apartment municipal, consent to the check and give the family members of the employer living together.
To show a leaf of departure from a previous place of registration.
Officials of the housing Department to fill statistical documents and submit them for registration in migration service. The decision on registration is taken by an official of the FMS of Russia within three days of receipt of the documents. A stamp of registration at the place of residence stamped in the passport, on the temporary registration certificate is issued. Registration is free of charge.