You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement on granting of premises or lease contract (sublease);
  • - application on registration at the place of residence.
The easiest option is to visit a regional Department of the Federal migration service together with the landlord to put his signature under the statement about giving you residential premises or contract in the presence of employees of the FMS.
In other cases, the law does not require notarization, but employees of the FMS can try to refuse under the pretext that it is unclear whose signature on the contract.
Although the mechanism to prevent cheating, there is: the owner should inform you that the police have registered a tenant and he is entitled to cancel registrationif the news was a surprise for him.
The application for registration at the place of stay can be obtained at the Department of FMS, download on the websitee of the Federal migration service for the city of Moscow or on the portal of public services, where there is a sample of his fill. The website also features the option of creating and submitting this document online.
Visit the Department of the FMS with all required documents. If they are right, within three days you will be given a certificate of registration at the place of stay that you can walk around the capital without fear of verification of documents until the expiry of its registration.