You will need
  • cloth;
  • - hard paste;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - strong thread.
Select the material for sewing bags. Fit leather, nylon or denim. Thick durable leather is difficult to cut with a blade or pierce with the point of his tools. In addition, it holds its shape well and retains the amount of, durable in use. Bag made of nylon, unlike leather, is lighter in weight, less prone to getting wet, easy to clean. Denim fabric is also quite durable. It is more affordable, because for sewing bags you can even use old jeans.
There are several types of tool bag: shoulder and waist bags skutki. At the shoulder, which resembles the trunk of a photojournalist, has a buttoned cap and a strap going over the shoulder. To all the objects in it, do not fall randomly, but were always in their places, it is necessary in the inner space to make the partitions and compartments.
To the side walls of the bag does not crumple, and a well-kept form, duplicate the selected fabric or felt make the hard insert and the frame. This is the perfect table plastic thermosetted that do not break on bending and long service life.
Waist bag with many different size pockets and sockets is the small tablet. It is attached on the waist belt. Sew the belt loops to her, and she will be securely kept in any zone.
For sewing bags Skadi, folding into a roll, to wear the old jeans. With tucked lower part of the rectangular canvas, pristrochite it on the edges. Then divide into the required number of departments for tools and in the marked places prostrochite. Route the lines perpendicular to the fold tuck the original denim.
After the screwdrivers, wrenches and the rest of the instrumentation will be placed in the pockets, just roll roll roll. For fixing the bags in this state to sew the edges with braid of the same fabric, or contact the tape.