Creativity and mathematics

Felt called textile clay is not in vain - product of wool can give any, even the most outlandish form. With a little experience of felting is better to start with simple shapes.

Having defined the style, you must construct a pattern. Because the wool when stall greatly reduced in size, the pattern should uniformly increase by about 30-40%.

The pattern is cut out from the substrate for laminate or bubble film packaging. A thin polyethylene will be hard to flip, but if no other materials, that you can do them.

The subtleties of layout layers

To delicate small bags will be enough 4 layers. If you want to make a more spacious bag, the layers should be 6-8. On cut pattern lay out thin strands of wool going over the edge 1 cm

Alternate the direction of hair: the horizontal layout of the next layer is laid out vertically, then diagonally and horizontally again. Try to keep the strands were of the same thickness, then the canvas will be smooth.

When all the planned layers are laid on the pattern, gently push the wool around the perimeter of the hands, try to feel the uniformity of layout. If you feel thin spots, report back a few wisps of wool.

Wet, RUB, flip, repeat

Evenly moisten the wool with warm, soapy water from spray, cover with a nylon mesh and gently press with your hands on the wool to soak in soapy water the entire surface.

If Arsenal have a vibroshlifovalnaya ride, walk across the device layout, point-pressing sole machine for 10-15 seconds in one place. This lapping process can be done hands lathered the palm of your hand, start gently without pressure to RUB the wool.

Carefully remove the mesh and flip the workpiece, fold the protruding ends of the template and repeat the layout from this side, then soak, polylite and grind. Protruding strands fold to the other side and smooth to avoid creases.

Decorating the surface

Opportunities to decorate the felted bag a lot. If you want you can lay out a pattern or even a picture of strands of colored wool, but first draw a sketch on paper - it will be easier to adjust the image.

Very interesting effect is the use of silk scarves, and viscose fibers. Can pivalate a piece of lace, fabric, or NEPSI. Combining different materials, you will receive a unique textured bag.

To RUB, to roll, to throw = to play

Slightly pricenew decor, it's time to start felting. RUB the surface of the bag soapy hands in gloves, gradually increase the pressure.

When the wool quite firmly interlock with each other, start to roll. Carefully wrap the bag in a bamboo Mat or bubble wrap and a towel, roll the roll on the table 40-50 times. Expand, verify and, if necessary, correct decor, wrap again into a roll in the other direction, roll.

Unroll and remove the bag. The template was obviously annoyed, so carefully cut the fabric where it is provided with style, and get it. Turn the bag inside out again and RUB her hands, paying particular attention to the incision and the sides. If there are creases, they are easy to smooth soapy hands. Handle power trowel and cut a slice.

To give the final density and the shrinkage of the abandoned the bag on the bottom of the tub or on the table, you can roll over the surface with a rolling pin. If the level of density you are satisfied, rinse the bag in cold water and Pat dry.

The final stage

Dry the bag in the expanded state, giving it the desired shape. After drying sew the lining and the clasp.

In felting it is very important to feel the material, to control the degree of shrinkage, no master-class will not replace your own experience. Skill is acquired by practice, having mastered the art of felting, you will provide yourself with original accessories and clothing.