Advice 1: How to sew a beautiful tote bag

A love of all things handmade in our country has always been. That is why even with the abundance of cheap consumer goods, our wives do not deny yourself the pleasure to sew beautiful and most importantly practical bag for trips to the store.
How to sew a beautiful tote bag
You will need
  • - old jeans;
  • - scissors, needle, thread;
  • - sewing machine;
  • a piece of Wallpaper to the construction of the pattern;
  • - beads.
Perhaps not in our everyday life more practical fabric than denim. It is the pants or skirt from this fabric will make a great base for shopping bags. So, strut jeans inseam, and then the line zipper and the back seam. You get two paintings, of which will need to find details of the bag.
The shape of the bag can give any. In this case to build pattern is very simple. Take a piece of Wallpaper, draw the oval as shown on the main picture. Inside, draw a semicircle on how close he is to the edge, will depend on the thickness of the handles. Cut the item received - this will be the base of the bag that others will see first. To obtain the pattern pens apply the framework and draw handles. To obtain the pattern of the bottom, in the same way, apply the Foundation onto the paper and trace the bottom edge. Invert, apply again.
Apply a pattern on denim fabric. You will need 2 items the basics, pens, and 1 detail of the bottom. For greater strength bottom fabric can strengthen doubleroom. The fine stitching details of the bag are the following:- put the handle on the basis of wrong side to wrong side, fold the edge and prostrochite;- to the bottom of the basics sew the bottom;- connect details the foundations of the side seams from the inside, remove the bag on the front side and make finishing seams.- vacate the zipper between the handles.
Bag shaped like that in itself makes this accessory fashionable. But to give it greater brilliance, cut from the same jeans flowers. It's easy: Cut the fabric into strips of width 5 cm Fold in half and sew them from the inside as if you sewed the belt. Turn on the front, one side probarte. Sew the flower in the area of one of the handles. The core of the flower can be finished with beads. They can also decorate the rest of the bag.

Advice 2: How to sew a durable shopping bag

Durable comfortable and roomy shopping bag is an indispensable thing in the house. It will not break like a plastic bag in the most unexpected moment and will become a faithful companion in shopping. Besides, the bag is made of fabric, is environmentally friendly and beautiful. Sew it will not be easy. You can choose the color and model that will match your clothes.
How to sew a durable shopping bag
You will need
  • - the fabric on the bag;
  • - Velcro;
  • - interlining (dublerin);
  • - thread, sewing machine.
Choose a dense material for bags. You can buy new fabric in the tone of your clothes. It looks nice, when the bag is ensemble with jacket or coat. If you spend money you do not intend to, revise old stuff, which is already possible to say goodbye. Importantly, the material was thick enough and not much crumbled.
Design and fabricate the pattern. You can draw your interesting model or make patterns based on the already existing bag. The most simple in execution is a rectangular bag with patch pockets. The pattern should have two cloth bags, pocket and handles. Depending on the model of the bag may be single cut or separate handles.
Take the parts bag. On the fabric with chalk or a pencil draw the cooked part. Take them into account allowances for seams. On the front side of the cloth bags, mark with chalk the location of the pocket. Of cushioning material (phleselin, dublerin) will cut strips to strengthen the handles. Out of the remaining fabric tailor detail to the clasp with a length of at least 30 cm and a width of about 6 cm.
Reinforce handles the details of interlining cloth. Stick a piece of fleece with an iron. If you want to waterproof your bag, then cutting of polyethylene, the two parts of the cloth. Putting the tape on the wrong part of the part and gently (adjusting the heat) iron the fabric on the front side. Melt the polyethylene firmly adhere to the material. In the end, the inner part of the bag will not be afraid of water. Separate stripe clasp fold over three times and prostrochite. To the end of her sew a square of Velcro.
Zautyuzhte allowances of pocket to wrong side. Pristrochite carefully prepared pocket. Fold the cloth, right sides inside. Between them put a strip of Velcro so that it was with one edge. Prostrochite details on the sewing machine. Remove the bag. If the handles you put on separately, then mark on the fabric the place of their attachment and pristrochite. For greater strength on the handles make the fitting cross.
The finished bag can be folded into a roll and secure with a strip of Velcro. In a Packed version of the bag will easily fit in your pocket.
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