You will need
  • - a set of new light bulbs;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - wet wipes.
Before replacing any light bulbs in the car will turn the engine off and ignition off. Open the hood and disconnect the "minus" terminal from the battery, you will reduce the risk of a short circuit in the onboard power supply system of the machine to zero.
To replace the lamp near and far light and you need to remove the pads that are located under the front part of the hood. Look on the back side of each headlamp rubber or plastic covers, gently disconnect them.
On the rear wall of the housing of each headlamp Assembly there are two rubber plugs. To replace the low beam bulbs pull out the plug closest to the radiator grille.
Under it you will see two pads of the wires that connected to the cartridge. Carefully unplug them and take them to the side. Try to prevent the contact pads, as in the on-Board power supply system may remain a residual current.
Locate the two bolts that secure the cartridge with a bulb. Unscrew them and remove the cartridge from the connector. Remove the old bulb from the socket a few turns counterclockwise. Inspect old light element.
Install the new bulb. All procedures that you perform only to cotton gloves, which prevent the occurrence of oily fingerprints on the glass bulb. If you did a lighting element with bare hands, wipe it with a cloth dipped in alcohol or liquid for cleaning glasses.
Install the cartridge into the spotlight in the reverse order.
To replace the high beam lights follow the same pattern, but will need plugs that are located at the edges of the housings of the headlights.
The bulbs of the rear lights are replaced the same way.
To replace the light bulbs in the turn signals, you must carefully remove the outer glass. For this, grasp the housing and slide it forward, the latch will open and the indicator will jump out of the groove, hanging on wires. Disconnect the pads from the housing.
On the back side Unscrew the two screws and remove the outer glass. Remove the old bulb, and in its place install a new one. Reassemble the indicator in reverse order.