Typically, the filters is designed for one operational year. However, the basic configuration of the Renault Logan, this item is not set. For a long time the official dealers claimed that the filter cannot be installed on this model, but with time came other information, saying that the part is available, but can stand only in cars with air conditioning. It is a myth, cabin filter can be installed in any of the Renault Logan.
The installation of this part will improve the situation in the interior of the car, and you forget all about the layer of dust on the panels and Windows when operating the heater.
Install cabin filter on the stove for an average console, at the bottom right. On a standard installation location, the filter islocated and thought removing the plastic end cap. Make a hole in it, the size of the filterand using a sharp object.
The cut material gently pull out.
Insert the filter in you have made a cut vertically so that the latch was down. In order to be fixed, pre-cut a slit (3x20 mm) If the hole to learn a little more and the filter in it is not tight, use seals. The installation is finished.