Lottery "Gosloto" exists in two versions – "Gosloto 6 out of 49" and "Gosloto 5 out of 36". The maximum payout can reach tens of millions of rubles. However, to really win big is very difficult, as the chances are very small. They can be counted: for the lottery "6 out of 49 there are 8 145 060 different winning combinations, 5 of 36 - 376 992 combinations. This means that the probability to guess 6 numbers out of 49 is 1/8145060, and 5 of 36 1/376992.

How to increase the probability of success? One of the easiest ways is to increase the number of filled in tickets. Realizing that to fill in all options is unrealistic, players use various systems, usually based on probability theory. For example, one of the ways is to perform the winning numbers from previous draws. The more draws you viewed, the better. According to the results view is a table that shows the number of dropouts in each room.

Further two variants are possible. In the first case, selected rooms with the least amount of fallout and they try to complete winning combinations. The logic of this scheme is to clear – fell the smaller the number, the greater the probability of occurrence of each circulation. In the second embodiment, the game logic is reversed: if certain numbers fall more often than others, and should be used. It is clear that a long enough period, the number of dropouts for all numbers aligned. But in the short term, some numbers may fall again and again, so their use seems reasonable enough. This option, for example, is used by many professional players of roulette have noticed that some number came up in a short period (e.g., 10 spins) two or three times, they start to put on him. And, contrary to all laws of probability, and very often win.

In addition to the purely mathematical methods of game, there is another large group of methods that can be called magical. They believe that luck is fickle and finicky - some she likes, others shy away from. At the same time she comes to another is removed. On this basis, supporters of the magical approach are in two directions: first, they are trying to attract fortune one way or another. Second, keep track of rhythms, good luck and play only in those periods when they are really lucky.

To attract good luck use different magic methods, ranging from conducting special rituals – for example, the entry in cash flow, and ending carrying various magical items. Despite some extravagance of such methods, they really can bring good luck. In the second embodiment analyzes own rhythms, a schedule of good luck. To play when you luck level is approaching the top. The decline should stop the game and wait for a new peak. Usually the period between the peaks is about two weeks, although this indicator is individual.

A good tool for those who want to win the lottery is astrology. Despite the negative attitude of the official science, astrology is actually able to tell the person the periods of time when the probability of winning is very high. Conversely, when transit horoscope promises only losses, not play it.