You will need
  • luck and patience
First and foremost, decide what you want to do. Just win a nominal sum or to receive cash or another prize. According to the theory of probability, it is easy to understand that the more people participate, the higher the probability of winning. In General, it is. But consider this: should you spend each time a small amount for a ticket (or several) in the hope of something significant to win. If the answer is Yes, read on.
We are all ever in my childhood with friends or grandparents played bingo. For fun or penny - in different ways. But the day came and you decided to try your luck in the official draw on TV. To win is quite real: regular participation in a set with any luck, will bear fruit sooner or later. Another thing is that we should always remember: first, the organizers will still earn more than you play, otherwise no point if it wasn't, but about you, the situation is more likely to be the opposite, second, do not buy packs of tickets for all the draws is the percentage of lucky ones with millions of winnings are negligible. Therefore, you should evenly distribute the force. Visit the official lottery website and see information about upcoming promotions or special offers. Should not be sprayed on the drawings, because the big holidays, the number of special prizes and additional chances to win (be it not only crossed out cells, and the number of the ticket or part of it, for example) will be much greater. These days more and demand - but there are obvious reasons.
Thus summing up, I must say that monopoly, like any other event in which money in circulation, require advance preparation. In the forehead, of course, the story can, but that fraction and percent. Be realistic. You can win three or four digit amount of money or appliances. More - realistic, but hard.

So watch out for announcements, wisely allocate their resources.

And finally, a tip of the discharge will: participate with interest and not with greed, more commonly lucky those who just gets pleasure from any process, not chasing the Golden mountains at any cost.

Good luck!