Check tickets "Gosloto" on the official lottery site, noting numbers on the electronic coupon, or manually entering data from your ticket. In this section of the website to view an archive of previous editions. In addition, you can obtain information on issues related to ticket purchases and to receive winnings.

There are separate online resources for lottery "Gosloto" 6 out of 45" and "5 out of 36". Select from them depending on what game you are playing and open the front page of the website. Top center will contain the latest at the moment of edition. You can also see the results of different runs by clicking on the link located in the lower right corner of the page. In addition to the official website of "Gosloto" you can see the rules and game options, with the most common questions people have regarding this lottery, read General information.

If you want to know the results of any lottery draw "Gosloto", you can watch a recording of the last drawing, going to the site Television broadcasts of games are not held, however the video can be viewed on-line at the above online by clicking on the link "Watch the show Gosloto" and in recording, for example, the service YouTube.

Buy the newspaper "Sport-Express" (for Tuesday) in one of the kiosks "Soyuzpechat", it prints the table winning the lottery "Gosloto".

Contact the distributor of tickets of the lottery "Gosloto" at any point of their sales and ask for the winning table, putting the number you are interested in circulation.

Find out the result of the game, having made a call to the service of information support of participants of lotteries Gosloto phone number: (499) 27-027-27. Note that the information is available every day after 23.30 (Moscow time).