You will need
  • — strong thread length 25-40 cm;
  • — a small sinker weight 20-30 grams, which can be hung on a thread.
Make a pendulum by hanging a load on a thread. The length of the thread, select it so that you could sit at the table, keep the hand atabout eye level, and sinker when it would not touch the table top.
Tune in to the upcoming work. Any equipment on interaction with the subconscious and intuition require special status. You must be absolutely calm, relaxed, to maintain passivity in relation to what is happening. Any strong emotions or expectations may influence the results obtained.
Determine what motion of the pendulum will be considered as answers to the questions. The pendulum can swing left-right, forward-backward, in a circle clockwise and circle counter-clockwise. So there are four choices of movement.
Program a selected option. He picked up a plumb line, set your mind and mentally or out loud say, "Swing of the pendulum (call your chosen method) will indicate a positive response."
To consolidate subconscious Association ask the pendulum a few questions, a positive answer to which you known. Onwiththe action: "Call me Alex Petrov?", "If I studied in high school?".Don't try to rock the plumb deliberately. Just keep a relaxed hand and watch the movement of the sinker. Invisible shrink your muscles caused by the subconscious will make the pendulum swing as you defined.
Obviously, for instant lotteries, where you must select a card and scratch the protective layer, the pendulum will not help. It is simply impossible to carry and hold on each ticket. However, in those embodiments where it is required to know in advance the numbers that will be selected during the draw, whento run to the aid of intuition.
By purchasing a lottery ticket, put it on the Desk. If the cells with numbers small in size, make an enlarged copy and work with it. At any time you need to be able to say exactly what cage is my weight.
He picked up the pendulum, identify the question: "Let the pendulum will give a positive answer on those numbers, which will fall during the season." Focus on it.Slowly move the hand with the pendulum over the table. Try to move carefully so the plumb Bob began to swing by inertia. Watch what cells the weight inchildren in the movement corresponding to the programmed version.