Apartment for the price of a lottery ticket is the dream of any player, so the first and most important condition for this benefit is the purchase of the ticket. There may be different tricks: the choice of the so-called lucky numbers (numerological method of determining the number of the name or fate), buy strictly at a certain time or days of the lunar cycle (the astrological method), the use of psychic techniques (feeling outgoing heat), as well as the most common method called "maybe lucky."
One cannot deny the role of luck and belief in victory, but there are a few things that cannot be ignored if you are serious. By the way, the seriousness is also important because if luck is a "feel" that you subconsciously don't believe in winning the lottery, it you never see. In addition, you should behave as if he already won the apartment.
Imagine the future of housing in every detail: the layout of the rooms, interior, view from the window, even the smell. Consider repair, color Wallpaper, furniture and other items up to the chandeliers and switches, colors and shapes of sockets, etc. This technique is called visualization. However, few use it only when buying a ticket, you have to do it consistently. Read literature, magazines and interior design websites on the Internet.
Charged with enthusiasm from these lines it is not difficult, much more difficult to maintain it for several weeks or even months until the desire is not fulfilled. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the method will work right away. Remember that fortune favors the patient and do not forgive infidelity. Don't turn away from your dreams, love your new hobby and don't forget to buy tickets for the draws of the lotteries in which offers apartments. With the advancement of technology it has become possible to do this through the Internet, where much more choices.
Try not to miss issues of circulation, if they go on a TV channel live. Even if it is early in the day, not too lazy to get up and turn on the TV. This will evince the respect of his luck and show his serious attitude, despite the many ways to check your ticket on the Internet or newspaper in a few hours or even days after the draw.
If possible, take a drive on the transmission. In the hall, the atmosphere is always impatient of waiting and giddy enthusiasm that can catch you.