You will need
  • -passport
  • -statement
  • -evidence of ownership of the building and on the site
  • -extract from the cadastral passport of the house and land
  • -written consent from neighbours if building codes sites are too close
  • -house design and engineering communications
  • -resolution of the head of administration and head of municipal services of the district
For documents on the construction contact to the General Directorate of architecture and urban planning. Imagine all the documents on the site on the structure.
Having considered your application, and after reviewing the plot plan that you have made, the surveyors, the chief architect will decide, you need to take permission from the neighbors or not. This decision is made on the basis of topographic areas, where all the neighboring houses, plots and the passage of the "red line" of the street.
If building codes the distance between the plots does not correspond to position, it will tell you to take permission for the construction from neighbors from all areas that are too close.
The solution can be written in a simple written form. It specifies the address of neighbors, their details, and their consent to the construction. In addition, it lists your details, address and the number of storeys of the structure, which you are going to build. Only after obtaining permission from neighbors you will sign all documents the head of the local administration.
Then you need to seek resolution in a municipal service district.
After collecting all the documents, project construction and project engineering services, you will receive permission from the chief architect and construction certificate.
If your land there are co-owners, the consent must be obtained from all co-owners.
If you are going to attach the house, which is owned by a few families and are co-owners, you need to obtain the consent of all co-owners.
The reconstruction of an apartment in a building also need the consent of all co-owners. You will be given a permit with all necessary documents and the consent of more than 67% of all residents.