Many first floor tenants think about increasing your living space due to an extension of the balcony. In large cities, where such additions can change the historic appearance of the building to obtain a permit is almost impossible. But in small provincial towns it is often possible to see not only balconies, but even entire rooms attached to a typical residential building.

Usually such buildings constructed of cinder block or sand-lime brick, covered with plaster. The average cost of such extension with an area of 6 square meters is about 3-4 thousand dollars. Price includes all materials, interior finishes and construction. But before you begin to purchase material and to look for a construction crew you need to get permission to build an extension balcony.

Required documents

The project of the balcony need to coordinate with the local administration. Before submitting the documents you need as carefully as possible to check them, because the term of the application up to 45 days.

For approval you will need the following documents:

- application for redevelopment
a project design of balcony
- certificate of BTI
- legal documents on housing
- written consent from the neighbors to the right, left, top on the addition of the balcony
- the consent of the family members to redevelop

The drafting of a balcony it is better to order from a specialist. Before submitting it to the administration coordinate the project with oversight bodies: Rospotrebnadzor, GPN, by the architectural Committee, the Committee on protection of monuments of architecture of the operating organization.

The reasons for the refusal in the coordination of the extension of the balcony

There are several reasons why your project is the balcony may not get approval.

It is impossible to obtain permission for an extension to the building which is a monument of architecture.

If there is reason to believe that your balcony will lead to the destruction of elements of the building – the project will not be approved.

It is forbidden to build a balcony if the project involves the destruction of supporting walls and structures of the house.

It is impossible to erect a balcony with outdated materials and technology.

A common mistake people decide to build a balcony, is the wrong course of action. Some people think that it is easier to legalize the already constructed balcony. And, not receiving permission, they are taken for the construction. But that behavior is absolutely not true. Cases when already constructed, the balcony was recognized as legitimate, are rare. Most often the author of an inconsistent extension is given the order to liquidate it and to return a building to its original appearance.