Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar consists of twelve lunar months has 354 (355) days. Assuming solar calendar, every year dates in the Muslim calendar moved ten days ahead. This is calculated and the Holy festival of Ramadan.

The main event of the festival – a post which lasts throughout the Holy month, for thirty days. At this time, all Muslims abstain from drinking, eating, medication, Smoking and sex from sunrise to sunset. The evening post is complete, so until the next morning, the Muslims can eat and drink.

During Ramadan, people need to be distracted from the needs and satisfactions of the body, concentrating fully on God and his soul, to learn self-control and patience. The point of the post is also the feeling that you feel poor and hungry and to understand the value of what you have and accept as given.

In Turkey, long before the onset of Ramadan begins preparation for the holiday. First, a General cleaning in offices and homes, shopping for cooking dinner day. This should take into account the situation of the poor, assisted by neighbors, relatives and the state. There are dishes that are unique to Ramadan – pide (flat bread with Nigella), gullac (milk dessert).

For dinner, the breaking of the fast is necessary to invite guests, the doors of houses in the old tradition remain locked in case of arrival of unexpected guests. To supper can suddenly join, regardless of status and religion – an indication that in Turkish society, there is class hatred. Morning of Ramadan begins with a meal before sunrise, that the inhabitants never slept, walking special heralds who greet all the loud songs and fight a big drum.

But not only the service and food are the Holy Ramadan, this festival is also associated with rich cultural life, which is based on the service of the faith and to God. It is worth mentioning Machu – luminous inscriptions are hung between the mosque minarets. They represent the wise words and different pictures, their glitter make the cannon shots that Herald the onset of iftar, so you can start the evening meal.

In the evening people stroll through the city, which hosts several music events, performances and theatrical performances. Shadow theater karagez and Hacivat, traditional street theatre Orta oyunu - it's all very exciting for children and adults. The Turks make every effort to preserve this art in its original and untouched.