Advice 1: As the funeral of the Muslims

Islam seeks to dictate to his followers of certain religious truths. This also applies to the burial of Muslims, since Sharia law is already predetermined and prescribed their lives from birth to death.
The funeral of the Muslims dictated by the Sharia
Muslim burial (grave) should be sure to face Mecca. In Muslim cemeteries it is illegal to bury people of other faiths and Vice versa. It is curious that the dead women have not accepted Islam, but wearing a child from a Muslim, buried back to Mecca. This allows the baby to be facing Mecca. Islam does not welcome all sorts of grave constructions in the form of mausoleums, crypts. The fact that overly rich and lavish funeral can cause envy among people and lead to temptation. In addition, Sharia law strictly forbid Muslims to loudly mourn the deceased person. It is believed that this leads to even more of his suffering. Weeping Muslim men receive criticisms from society, and weeping women and children to gently calm down. Does not welcome Islam and reburial, and the opening of the graves. The funeral of a Muslim to delay is not accepted. Burials are made at the nearest Muslim cemetery.
Immediately before burial, is the procedure of washing of the body. The Sharia requires an ablution of the deceased three times, and with the participation of at least four people of the same sex as deceased. Initial washing takes place with water, which dissolves the cedar powder, during the second ablution in water, dissolve the camphor, and third time used ordinary water. According to Islamic laws, it is impossible to bury a Muslim in clothing. The deceased wearing only a shroud. It is curious that the material of the shroud depends on the financial status of the deceased. To cut her nails and hair to the dead. The body should be scented with various oils. Over the deceased Muslim is the recitation of certain prayers. All this is topped off wrap body in a shroud. The nodes are made at the head, waist and feet.
The nodes on the shroud unleash just before burial of the body. In the cemetery of a deceased Muslim takes not in his grave, as Orthodox and Catholics, and on the stretcher. The body is lowered the legs down. Then dug the grave throw the ground and pour water. Incidentally, as an exception, Muslims can bury in coffins. The exceptions are dismembered bodies, body parts or have already decomposed body. The burial is accompanied by certain prayers. Some Muslims are generally buried in a sitting position. It is connected with representations thereof on the mechanism of the afterlife: it is believed that after his death the soul of the Muslim remains in the body before it is delivered by an angel of death angel of Paradise. He will prepare her for eternal life. But before that happens, the soul will have to answer different questions. That is why that "conversation" was happening in terms of decency, some Muslims are buried in a sitting position.

Advice 2: How to bury Muslims

Perform funeral rites Muslims begin as soon as it becomes clear that the person is on the verge of life and death. To carry out these ceremonies can only those who have been ordained.
How to bury Muslims

First, the dying man laid on his back so that his feet were facing toward Mecca. Then loudly, so that heard of the dying person begins to read a prayer. Before his death, according to tradition, he is given to drink a SIP of cold water. Relatives are not allowed to cry over dying. Immediately after the man died, he tied up his chin, close my eyes, straighten legs and arms and cover your face. On the stomach of the deceased placed any heavy object.

Over the dead is the ritual washing and bathing. Usually, Muslims are buried only after three ritual baths, which involved at least four people, which must be of the same sex as the deceased and.

According to Sharia Muslims are buried only in one shroud. Clothes are not allowed in any case. In the burial of a Muslim can engage the entire community in that case, if the deceased was a poor person. Matter of which is the shroud is normally a material condition of the deceased. Late you must not cut neither nails nor hair. Before burial, the body of the deceased various flavored oils. Above him read prayers, and then wrapped in a shroud, tied at head, feet and belt nodes. These nodes untied before you lower the body to the grave. Wrapped in the shroud of the deceased are placed on a special funeral stretcher on which he delivered at the cemetery. Of particular importance Muslims attach to a funeral prayer, which is performed by the Imam or his Deputy. During this prayer the prostrations is not accomplished. Bury the dead tend to be quick. If the stretcher with the body lowered to the ground, the head of the deceased be sure to turn to the side has the Qibla. The deceased was lowered into the grave the feet down, then in a pit throws a handful of soil and watered. Grave digging can be completely different depending on the terrain. Sometimes it is strengthened with burnt bricks or boards. During the funeral, all attendees must read the prayers with the mention of the name of the deceased.

All Muslim graves turned his face towards Mecca. To keep the Muslim on non-Muslim cemetery it is impossible in any case.

Advice 3: Why the military buried in zinc coffins

Military transporterowych in zinc coffins to preserve the dead body of the soldier - the zinc prevents the ingress of air inside a coffin, which helps the body to survive.
Why the military buried in zinc coffins

Zinc coffin

The coffins of zinc or galvanized special boxes used when necessary to transport the body over long distances, or when the body for a number of reasons is supposed to be a long time without burial. Of course, these coffins or their version of galvanized boxes are primarily used during wars and military conflicts, when the bodies need to bring home for burial.
In General, zinc is selected here for two reasons: the first is its high impermeability at sufficiently low weight and cost. The second reason is that its oxide prevent infection and decay process.

The bodies in sealed zinc coffins are usually well preserved and during transport do not cause inconveniences such as an unpleasant odor of decomposition. The use of the zinc coffin in the above cases is mandatory sanitary standards of all civilized countries. The coffin can be used many times, because he was not created for burial and transport of corpses and only if the body is badly disfigured, it is usually not opened and funerals are performed in a closed coffin.


Cargo-200 is a stable expression that is the body in a zinc coffin. The expression of it in our everyday life from the Afghan war. Then the military was a need in a concise and accurate description of the sending of a zinc coffin with the body, and the description is not entirely clear to outside party. Zinc coffins before sending the flight home is always weighed and measured their length-height-width to define the so-called "flight weight" to calculate the allowable gross weight for cargo compartment of the aircraft. On average, this gross weight was two hundred pounds on a coffin. Hence the military term: "hundred" cargo-200.
Known cases when during the Vietnam war and the Afghan war, the generals used the cargo-200 to transport heroin - sealed coffins with the drug were flown home, bypassing customs.

Transportation of cargo-200 is actually quite a complicated procedure. First, the coffin or galvanized box must opate in a special place.
Health standards do not put in the coffin even fresh flowers! At the airport as the coffin is necessarily illuminated and recorded at the cargo terminal.
In addition to the pile of other papers must be accompanied by a mandatory "certificate of opice", indicating that in this coffin there are no unnecessary items.

Advice 4: How are weddings Muslims

The marriage ceremony among different peoples and representatives of different religions has its own characteristics. For example, those adherents of Islam who strictly adhere to religious rules, try to hold wedding ceremonies in full compliance with them.
How are weddings Muslims

How to behave as a bride and groom before the wedding, the Muslims

Many Muslims, especially those living in major European cities and not too zealously observe religious rules do wedding compromise style, allowing some divergence from the old customs and norms. The rules of Islamic morality require that future spouses before marriage not seen alone. They can meet only in the presence of other people (usually relatives of the older age). Touch each other, even a handshake, is strictly prohibited. The bride for her future husband needs to be dressed according to the Muslim canons that she had opened only the face and hands.

The rites preceding the marriage are matter to some people or community belong to the bride and groom. In most cases, directly before the wedding the bride and groom visit relatives, friends and girlfriends. In the house of the future wife are going to women, and the house of her future husband – men. They till dawn, congratulations to the newlyweds, give them advice on various issues of life together, I wish you happiness. Some peoples on this night, the groom is allowed to briefly visit the home of his future wife.

What does the wedding ceremony

According to Muslim canons, marriage in bodies the registry office does not make the newlyweds husband and wife in the sight of Allah. Need a religious procedure of marriage called "nikah". It is usually held in the mosque with the obligatory presence of two witnesses, and the father or guardian of the bride. Bridal clothing should be designed in accordance with Islamic traditions. Although strict regulations on this point.

Performs this procedure is a Mullah or Imam. He reads out loud from the fourth Sura of the Koran, which describes the rights and obligations of married women. The groom is supposed to confirm its intention to take the bride to wife, and to specify what property (cash or in-kind), he presents her as a wedding gift. This gift, he is obliged to be his wife during a certain period, or in the case of divorce.

After the marriage the bride and groom exchange rings. The Muslims, unlike the Christians, wedding ring made of silver.

The wedding after the marriage according to tradition is remarkable for its splendor and abundance. Be sure to try the famous Oriental sweets. Alcohol is also prohibited because it is incompatible with the norms of Islam.

Advice 5: How to bury Muslims

The burial of Muslims all subject to the strict rules of Sharia. Those of the Gentiles who was present at the burial, saying that it has a fascinating solemnity and austerity.
Muslim cemetery
The funeral in the Muslim world is a very serious event. It has nothing to do with Christian rules and traditions of burial of the dead.

Rules that are enforced in a mandatory manner

According to the Sharia, to bury a Muslim only on the cemeteries, where repose his co-religionists. Where each grave is always directed towards Mecca, are rooms for ablution, which carried out the rite of washing the deceased. Muslim cemeteries do not meet the grave structures in the form of elaborate mausoleums or crypts. There all subject to the requirement of Shari'a, the gravestone should be simple, so as not to arouse the envy of the relatives of the deceased and not to enter them into temptation.

According to tradition, a great wailing in the cemetery is prohibited for anyone: men or women. It is believed that it can cause severe suffering in the soul left the earthly world. Muslims believe that if a grief to move patiently and with dignity, Allah will help a person in life and maintain it. In that case, if by fate, a Muslim buried in a foreign land, the opening of graves and reburial prohibited.

A deceased Muslim is not permitted to shave, trim his beard and nails. Since the presence of clothing on the body of the deceased is invalid, the deceased are necessarily wrapped in a shroud. For its production using white cloth. The shroud consists of several parts (for men and three for women – one out of five), each of which has its own name and purpose. Men's shroud will never be made of silk, as it is prohibited by the rules of the burial of Muslims. For those deceased who was during his life financially secure person, use a more expensive fabric.

The ritual burial of a Muslim

The deceased are immersed in the grave in an upright position, legs down. Hands of the deceased is not crossed on his chest, and pushed down. The deceased is placed so that its head was directed towards Mecca. If women are buried, at the grave of pre-stretched dense fabric to hide the burial of the body from the eyes of men. All the time in the cemetery reading the Koran. Moreover, this process continues for several hours after relatives and friends buried an abandoned Muslim cemetery.

After the body is laid in the grave, each one present was obliged to throw it in some dirt, saying aloud or silently the prayer, the meaning of which we all belong to God and to him we return. The mound shape is also in accordance with the requirements of the Koran: it must be above the ground surface by no more than four fingers, it should be seven times to pour water and finally sprinkle over it a handful of earth.

Advice 6: Why not bury Lenin

The issue of historical heritage is very delicate, treat you want a civilized and without emotion. One of the contentious issues of historical ethics is the question of the burial of Lenin's body.
Half a century ago
Perhaps it would be as unfair to ascribe all the victories of the state to one man and to blame an individual in national tragedies.

The background to the creation of the memorial

Totalitarian regime, to the categories which most historians attribute the style of government in the Soviet Union, is based on the ideology and needs of the characters. In a developed economic society there is no need to create extra motivation. In this kind of society are natural market mechanisms, which form the basis for a loyal society.

The Bolsheviks sympathized with the majority of the peasantry and the working class, for the promised freedoms, rights, and most importantly, land. In the minds of the masses of all the innovations was firmly associated with the name of the leader of the proletarian revolution Ulyanov-Lenin. Despite the fact that beginning in March 1923 the chief was practically suspended about things because of his health, his popularity was continually maintained by members of the Politburo. Until his death he published the bulletins on the state of his health, and the visibility created by his active participation in the life of the country.

Initially, the question of the preservation of the body of the leader was discussed at a meeting of the Politburo of the party on the proposal of Stalin and was not supported by the majority of participants of the Plenum. But was initiated by the will of the workers and ordinary members of the Bolshevik party, in fact, the will of the people, the creation of a kind of symbol of the revolution in the form of the embalmed leader of the memorial complex in the form of the Mausoleum. The basis of a kind of Marxist religion, a sacred place of worship became a place of storage of the body.

What prevents to bury Lenin's body today

With the collapse of the Soviet Union the question of the burial of Lenin stood particularly acute, as the generation that grew up under the banner of communism, it was still quite powerful and could create serious domestic political problems.

Today, most opinion polls show a fairly relaxed attitude of most respondents to the removal and burial of the sarcophagus, bordering on indifference. As a source of ideological inspiration small part of the population of Russia Mausoleum, of course, is no longer relevant. The question is ethical, moral and human norms.

The views of opponents of the inadmissibility of the location of the cemetery is actually in the center of the capital rested in the quite reasonable arguments of the opponents of the removal of the body. The problem is that the Pantheon in red square during the Soviet Union acquired the status of a kind of Memory of the most worthy sons of our country. The Kremlin also houses the remains of many Russian tsars. That is, if you eliminate the burial of the Soviet period, created by the imbalance in Russian history.

In addition, to make and bury Lenin's body in secret, as in his time Stalin ruled, would mean the negation of all achievements of the Soviet Union. Bury Lenin a Christian burial does not seem to be possible because of the ideological beliefs of the latter.

Disputes about the removal and burial of Lenin's body still being at the highest level. To date, the mummy of Lenin from the symbol of the revolution became a means of manipulating the electorate to resolve petty political goals. We have to admit that until the developed algorithm of burial, without affecting moral standards in relation to historical past, "the specter of communism" and will wander around Europe.

The best thing about this said the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yury Osipov: "Just burn the story is unacceptable... If each new generation is to settle scores with the previous one, nothing good will come of it"

Advice 7: How to conduct funerals and memorials

Russian funeral ceremony (or funeral) is based on Slavic pagan views and, of course, to the Orthodox traditions. Among Orthodox Christians there are certain rules of carrying out of funeral and subsequent Wake.
Orthodox Christians hold the funeral rites and funeral
The procedure of conducting the funeral of Orthodox Christians. The coffin with the body of the deceased should stand on the table (or stools), covered with any cloth. The narrow part of the coffin (where are the feet of the deceased) must be facing the exit of the room (or house). The coffin lid must be vertical in the narrow part on the floor. Not recommended to put it in the stairwell. For this there is a hallway or corridor.
In the house with the deceased must be his portrait in a mourning frame, wreaths, and also any rewards (if any). Mirrors and paintings should be covered with fabrics. This requires an Orthodox burial. All present on the stem (and, of course, directly at the funeral), you need to wear only dark and black colors.
From the house the coffin with the body of the stand with the narrow end forward. Relatives is strictly forbidden to carry the coffin and the lid. Do it, or funeral, or just friends and acquaintances. Carry the coffin or to the funeral in the Church, or from a burial in a cemetery. It all depends on the last will of the deceased and wishes of his relatives.
At the cemetery, relatives and friends of the deceased say goodbye to him. Someone pronounces the Eulogy, someone standing silently and listening. After farewell closes the face of the deceased. This is done with the shroud. Then the coffin lid is closed. By the way, if the deceased's funeral in the Church, the cruciform shroud sprinkled on the ground, consecrated in the temple. Cemetery workers carry the coffin to the grave dug, and then lowered it into her.
After that, the coffin lowered into the grave, throw a handful of earth. First do the relatives of the deceased, then all the other people who came to carry out the deceased on his last journey. Then the grave is filled with earth, set original wooden Orthodox cross with the registration data of the person buried beneath it. Participants of mourning ceremony of laying flowers and wreaths. All. The funeral rite at the end.
The conduct of commemoration of Orthodox Christians. A Wake is a ritual performed in memory of the recently deceased person. The essence of the memorial is a collective meal (or dinner), which is satisfied with his relatives. The Wake can take place in the house where the deceased more recently lived and to the cemetery in a specially designated place. Orthodox funeral held on the day of burial and in the subsequent certain time of remembrance.
Orthodox Christians hold a memorial dinner three times. The first funeral occur immediately after the burial, the second – on the ninth day after death, and the third sorocovici (i.e., on the 40th day). Sometimes a Wake is held after six months. Further, the term of this ritual – once a year (day of death). Often commemorate a deceased person and the day of his birth.
In the process of eating supper, Orthodox Christians pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased. Any action performed during a funeral, is sacred ground. That is why the menu funeral meal determined in advance. The food on the table – simple. No gourmet dishes. The tablecloth should be solid, not color. For a funeral dinner can invite specially and can wait for anyone who wants to remember the dead. In any case linger long there should not be.

Advice 8: Why to a funeral bring an even number of flowers

In the tradition of the French and the Slavs, an even number of flowers only for the funeral, but a living person, it is customary to give flowers in odd numbers. However, almost all of Europe and in the United States and some Eastern States are reversed. Alive give an even number of flowers as this brings good luck and happiness.
Why to a funeral bring an even number of flowers

The customs of the peoples of the world

Israel offered only an even number of flowers, and the funeral flowers do not bring. In Georgia is considered to be: everything that is connected with family values, brings only happiness. Therefore, the Georgians give living people two flowers (like a couple), but at the cemetery, they carry an odd number of flowers to the deceased is not able to take her a couple. The Japanese, in turn, consider the figures 1, 3 and 5 masculine (Yang), and the numbers 2,4 and 6 female (Yin). In their culture the number 4 means peace or death, therefore an even number of flowers they never give living people. The Italians bring to the funeral only an odd number of flowers.

The roots of the tradition

The beginning of all such prejudices and traditions was laid in the ancient world. Each country went its long way of development and, in this regard, many peoples completely different views on the membership numbers to any customs or rules.

The Gentiles have always interpreted even numbers as symbols of evil or death. To mind immediately comes an old saying "misfortune never comes alone". Many ancient cultures associated pair of numbers completion, completeness of the life cycle, therefore, always presented the dead gifts in even numbers. Odd numbers ancient people believed on the contrary, symbols of luck, happiness and success. According to them, odd numbers are displayed in instability, movement, life and development, and even have always been considered symbols of peace and tranquility.

The ancient Pythagoreans considered the odd number symbols of light, goodness and life. For them odd numbers symbolized the right side, or the side of luck. But even numbers by contrast, symbolized the left side - the side of darkness, evil and death. Perhaps because of these beliefs and there was a well-known sign "to stand with the left foot" means to start the day badly.

Signs of the ancient Slavs

The inhabitants of Ancient Russia, in the days of the rudiments of the Christian faith, have always associated a pair of numbers with a complete life cycle, and always presented with fresh dead only the number of colors. So who died in the war soldiers who defended their homeland, gave at the funeral of two flowers and said, "one flower of the deceased, the second to God." With the advent of full-fledged Christianity, in which also the right side means the side of life, light and faith, and the left side is a symbol of darkness and godlessness, the Slavs began to associate even numbers with the left side and odd numbers on the right side. Of these principles and went the custom to give the dead a pair only the number of colors, while at the funeral offered an even number of flowers to 10 stems. If the bouquet has more than 12 flowers, it has no meaning. But still, regardless, desperate, and in love with men give women not 100, but 99 roses.

Advice 9: What dream the funeral of an acquaintance

In General, dreams where a person sees someone's funeral, after waking up can leave a rather unpleasant and painful feeling in my soul. Meanwhile, some "funeral" dreams are of the opposite character.
Often the dreams in which burying of people in reality have the opposite meaning

What have funeral friends? Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov believes that the dream of the funeral of any familiar person (friend, friend, friend, work colleague) is a positive omen. Perhaps soon the dreamer will play your wedding. Not excluded and a favorable outcome of some important things in business. If the dreamer saw his own funeral, it is the longevity and good health.

The funeral for the dream Miller

A scientist, basically, too does not see in these dreams anything wrong. For example, to bury in the dream, his friend is very good. He probably will live happily and long.
According to Vanga dream book, hear in a dream sad at the funeral bells for the unexpected sad news, to illness someone from the family of the dreamer.

Miller asks to pay attention to some of the nuances of those dreams. In particular, the weather that was on "funeral." If it was warm outside, the sun was shining, the reality in the life of the dreamer and his family are coming pleasant change. This is a good life span.

If the weather during the funeral was overcast, the reality of perhaps getting some unpleasant or sad news. Sometimes this dream foretells financial loss and illness.

If the dreamer sees how to bury his friend, but he was a stranger at the funeral, the reality of the coming problems associated with omissions. In most cases, provokes quarrels and conflicts between friends.
Some commentators believe that the pomp of the funeral is also vital. If the dreamer is present on the rich funeral of a friend, in front of him an intrigue, shame, and gossip. Modest procession – pleasant chores.

One of the saddest upon waking dreams – the funeral of his child. However, it is not necessary to be afraid and to worry. In spite of all the sorrows, reflected in the dream, the reality in family life is all well and smoothly. The only real drawback associated with such a dream, it's misunderstandings and problems in relationship with friends.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

To watch the funeral procession of an acquaintance from the window – to participate in some festivities. If at his funeral, the dreamer hears the sound of bells or funeral March, in reality it will be fun to frenzy.

First, if the dreamer is present at the funeral of an acquaintance, but then realizes that he doesn't know him, then soon he will be able to solve long existing problems. It is definitely a good and favorable sign.
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