As a nocturnal luminary, in fact, the Moon does not Shine, and this proved many centuries ago. What one sees in the sky at night is the reflection of the sun's rays from its surface. As soon as the Moon moves in space relative to the earth and the Sun, it changes its shape, from increasing to decreasing. Each of the three phases of visibility and illumination of the moon in astronomy and astrology calendar corresponds to the value of the lunar day. In mysticism and magic, these phases have their own names, they correspond to the allowed in one period or another, rituals and beliefs. Not paid attention to the lunar cycle and scholars from various fields, and they all interpreted it changes the perspective in which it is visible from Earth.

How to determine the "age" of the month

Almost everyone fascinated by the night sky, illuminated by the Moon, and he is watching with interest the changes in the shape of this moon, but not everyone knows how to determine what phase is currently the Moon and have no idea about what it means "new moon".

Interpretations of this expression relative to the moon you can find a lot. But, in essence, it means that the night light is just beginning to emerge from the shadow of the Earth, and the Sun's rays are available, only a small part of its surface. In this period of Earth it is possible to observe a thin semicircular strip with sharp edges facing to the left, in the form of a semicircle of the letter R.

In the religious concept of the new moon symbolizes the beginning of a new period. The phase of new moon, according to Church canons, the most successful of baptism, marriage, vows as a monk and take vows.

In various astrological calendars the new moon promotes growth and development, and in this period it is best to change something in your life, for example, place of work or residence. Even cosmetic procedures performed in the growing phase of the moon, will bring the greatest benefit and plant seeds embedded in the soil, will give a lot of seedlings, which will bring a great harvest.

In magic during the birth month, and its growth carried out various rituals, read the young moon charms to spell and improving the financial situation, perform other magical acts.

Other meanings of the expression "new moon"

Great popularity rising Moon is not only among astrologers, fans of black or white magic and Ministers of religion, but also lyric poets. You can find plenty of examples among the works of the classics, where love was always comparing himself or the object of his passion with a young month, or where the suffering from unrequited love, shared their grief with the nascent Moon.

In common this epithet was awarded favorite children, young talents, which were great expectations, so-called extraordinarily beautiful boys and girls.