You will need
  • - spinning;
  • - fishing line (braid);
  • - carbine;
  • - sinker;
  • - leashes;
  • - chrome-plated hooks;
  • - bait.
To catch the mullet, use a spinning reel. Pay special attention to the gear, so this fish is very Moody and very picky. Attach on the shank of the treated porous piece of foam, painted in bright green, the leash from the hook should be short. Liman serves as a bait worm. Place hooks under a heavy load and throw as far as possible. Thanks to the foam hooks do not get lost in the weeds emerge.
Tyrant for fishing is a rod with length 1,6-2,2 m with the test up to a hundred grams. The coil needs to be baitcasting or non-inertial. Fishing line – braided line of appropriate strength, the end of which is tied to the carabiner with swivel. The carabiner is attached to the cut fishing line (1.2 m long) with a sinker in the form of a cone. Tie perpendicular to the line of the leash with chrome hooks and long shank (every 10 cm).
As bait can be: mussels, small crabs, brine (clam shell), marine worm, Nereis (for mullet), a sea worm Ophelia (a great tip for any fish of the black sea coast), pieces of fish (for catching predatory fish), Twister yellow or plain balls of bread.
Fish with tyrant at the depth of fifty centimeters or more, to lower the line until the sinker touches the bottom. Then lift the rod to a height of one meter, take a sharp cutting again and slowly lower down. Pause five or ten seconds, and then it is cut.
If there is no long bites, try to look for the fish in the water column. Roll up the fishing line one or two meters and allevite this stretch of water. Then you can raise a few feet. In the dark pack fish sometimes pass under the bottom of the vessel. If fly fishing doesn't bring results, try fishing in the PREROLL. Down the line at the bottom and with an average speed of podmahivala line.
Predatory fish like mackerel, caught from a pier, she lives between the bottom and the water surface, in the very thicker. Use a spinning rod with a few hooks and a sinker. As bait is ideal purified from the scales, the shrimp, fish bait, small fish.