Bite or fish bite in the rain – on this question racking the minds of many anglers. And because, most importantly, do not predict its activity. Those who professionally enjoys fishing and zoologists claim that it is possible to calculate when the fish will bite in the rain.

Whether the fish are biting in the rain

Sometimes when it rains, the fish itself is literally hung on the rod, and sometimes bite slowly and reluctantly. Experts assure that this is all explainable. To understand the mechanism of good fish, enough to take into account the duration and intensity of rain, wind direction, strength of currents, wave height, water turbidity and temperature of both water and air.

To fish well pecking even in the rain, better to choose a place for fishing quiet, where there are Straits between the banks. The water should be as clean as possible. It is also desirable that was good illumination of the reservoir.
You may have to spend a lot of time searching for such an ideal location. But if you dare, catch promises to be quite rich.

You also need to take care of the gear. The bait it is advisable to choose longer, the line is slightly thicker. Because the fish in inclement weather does not go along the coast. On the contrary, it mostly goes where deeper and you can hide from annoying drops. Therefore, 5-foot rod perfect tool for fishing.

Floats should be bright and not too heavy. The fish fell for him, he should not fail in depth.
The use of additional baits will not be superfluous. Various devils, goats, big jigs and other similar aquatic animals, objects will attract the attention of fish and to make her forget about caution.

When there is good light, fishermen use black, red, orange lures. In case of insufficient light is better to take light colors. Ideally, baits should be striped, spot, etc.

Pay attention to how you hold and throw the bait. Remember that you need to try to keep the rod in your hands. Fishing line is better to send to existing reservoir Islands herbs. There the fish are hiding, waiting out bad weather.

What you should consider when fishing in the rain

Nibble fish depends on water temperature. So, in warm water the process is much faster. Sometimes the water warms up in the rain. But it's mostly in the summer when it is itself warm.

There are options when the fishing is significantly improved by rain after the heat. During the heat of the water actively evaporated and warmed, and the fish was pretty uncomfortable – had to travel deep to be saved from overheating. Rain also evens out the temperature, allows to balance, and the fish are very active.

Experienced fishermen claim that it is not necessary to be afraid of appearing in the rain waves. After all, the surf fish are caught better. This is due to the fact that float on the waves of the jumps harder, and due to the translational motions of the water the fish just don't have time to figure out what is that shiny, and she quickly swallows the bait.

It is also worth remembering that the fish begins to bite more readily, when the cold North wind is replaced by more warm.