What is the impact of the wind on a good catch

Yes, a successful fishing depends on the wind direction. Fishermen know that while blowing the North and East winds, plenty of fish to bring home for the reason that such winds will soon cause the cold. And when southern winds, on the contrary, soon warming.

When there is a change in the wind, and changing temperatures. When the temperature drops, the air cools the reservoir that could affect the behavior of fish. Not particularly to determine a good catch or not. As a rule, the trout bite can be improved, as this fish feeds mainly in periods of sharp decline in temperature, for example, was 10 degrees, a cold wind blew, was 8 degrees.

When cold winds can not hope to catch perch, carp, crucian carp, for the simple reason that they are the most thermophilic fish. Everything will happen exactly the opposite, when the temperature of the air. Biting cold-water fish will be weak, and the bite-loving will be a success.

Wind can affect not only the temperature but also on precipitation. If clear summer weather is good the bite is expected in rainy days and in early spring and late autumn, on the contrary, in the solar. The fish in its environment is able to feel the slightest changes and promptly respond to them.

From this it follows that when fishing you need to start to determine the direction of the wind, and then maybe it will become apparent to the prospect of fishing.

Wind in all seasons

As mentioned above, summer catch better on rainy days, and the reason is that when established in a few days the heat the fish not getting enough oxygen. Therefore, its activity increases before the rain, during and after.

Early in the spring, almost any weather is perfect for fishing, especially on Sunny days. This is due to the fact that fish after a long winter, hungry and less sensitive to weather changes. Only use it is recommended thin, almost invisible fishing line, as the water is still pure and almost transparent.

In autumn, the fish begins to show activity in the Western and Eastern winds, as it feels the approaching cold. In winter, a good catch can only be expected in a quiet and Sunny weather, when actively fished walleye and perch. And in a severe Blizzard and frost active burbot.