Correctly dress. Cap, scarf or bandana will prevent you from overheating and sunstroke. Clothing in warm seasons should be light from natural breathable fabrics. Choose things boxy and bright colours. Take a warm shower and don't overuse deodorants, antiperspirante that block the sweat glands.

If you're on holiday, try to visit the beach before 11 o'clock, as soon as the sun aktiviziruyutsya in full force and will do more harm than good. Evening welcome beach after 16 hours, when the sun becomes less active. In particularly hot days, try to find a way to relax during the day.

In summer it is better to use light and healthy food. Eat more fresh berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Avoid oily and heavy food, prefer fish and dairy products. In the heat it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Green tea, natural juices without sugar and additives, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and non-carbonated, mineral or ordinary potable water will help you quench your thirst.

Try to create in the room where you are, comfortable climate. This is especially true for bedrooms, because in the night because of the heat especially hard to sleep. Salvation in particularly hot days, it becomes a conditioning. However, remember that the temperature produced by the conditioning should not be below 20 to 23 degrees. There is a danger that a large temperature difference on the street and in the room can trigger a cold.

In the absence of a conditioning day cover and hang the Windows with thick curtains. In the evening, when the heat subsides, ventilate the room, avoiding drafts. Do damp cleaning with cold water as often as possible. Excessive dryness will help a humidifier, you can also hang wet sheets or to place in rooms of small capacity with water.