In hot weather slow the metabolism, so the body feels tired, and if a person sweats profusely, he is thirsty. All of this brings me a lot of discomfort.

To change your health for the better, you must restrict your diet and follow these rules.

Not eating salty and sweet foods.

Not to drink strong drinks.

Not to overeat.

To drink green tea, home-made kvass, mineral water and milk drinks.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits.

Compliance with these rules will help to cope with stress and to lose weight. In this case, heat is the best helper. First of all, you need to remove from your diet sugar. You can substitute fresh or dried fruit and berries and honey. Sugar intake causes thirst and water retention in the body, preventing it to naturally evaporate. Therefore, the human body heats up and can happen fainting. Likewise affects the body and salt.

Alcoholic drinks have deleterious effects on the human body, especially in the heat. Alcohol retains water in the tissues, where it is heated to a high temperature. This can cause a stroke and loss of consciousness. It is best to quench the thirst of mineral water canteen, because it contains salts and minerals that leave when a person sweats. To use water need small portions.

Very useful to drink in the hot days of tea, especially chilled green. And if you add in a drink lemon balm or mint, it is perfectly calm. Natural fruit juice is very useful in the heat. It not only quenches thirst, but reduces the feeling of hunger and nourishes the body with vitamins and uplifting. It is advisable not to choose thick juices from oranges and apples.

In addition to beverages you need to eat right these days. Of meat products is better to choose lean chicken meat, eat more fresh vegetables, any greens, and also fruits and berries. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals and extra moisture. Heavy meat broths are best replaced with light summer soups, such as okroshka, beetroot soup or gazpacho.

On hot summer days, cook light meals, do not drink alcohol, drink more in the morning, not before bed. By following these simple rules, you will save a good mood throughout the hot period.