How to escape from the heat of the house

Effective solution at home is to install air conditioning, but not all of it is because of the rather high cost.

To escape the heat and be without this miracle of technology. In a room not exposed to sunlight, increasing the temperature by a few degrees, you can buy thick dark curtains or blinds. Window you can also seal with foil, reflecting the sun's rays, or you can sew it to the curtains from the window.

You can buy an inexpensive fan. To increase its effectiveness, next you should put a bowl of ice or a few bottles of frozen water.

The window in the heat it is not necessary to keep open, and at night, the room must be properly ventilated.

To additionally not heat the room, incandescent bulbs can be replaced by fluorescent or led. It is desirable to use a stove and oven, microwave.

For cooling drinks with ice. Not a sore throat, they need to be consumed in small SIPS.

Helps to reduce body temperature cool shower, wrapped around the neck with a wet towel.

In the heat you need to move less, basic household chores should be performed early in the morning or evening.

In the heat it was easier to sleep, the blanket can be for a few hours before bedtime to put in the freezer in a plastic bag, also sheets you can spray water from a spray bottle. On the bedside table you can put a mug with cool water, if necessary, to moisten the throat or to refresh the face.

How to escape from the heat at work

Should be to pick the right clothes for the office. It should be spacious, natural light.

If you go to the place of work far enough, you need to be in the way with cold water. On the night the bottle can be put in the fridge or freezer. Good saves from the heat of hot green tea, regulating heat transfer. You can carry the fan, water-dampened handkerchief.

Don't overuse make-up, creams and perfume, they do not allow the skin to breathe freely.

On the desktop you can put a small aquarium or a vase with flowers, evaporating the liquid will freshen the air. Spray can moisten the face, hands and the surrounding area. Irrigated water plants with large leaves (ficus, palms, dracaena, begonia help to make the air more humid. Under the table you can put a small fan which will cool the feet.

You should not eat a heavy meal, it is best to eat in lunch salads and fruits.

All the important things you need to do on arrival until the working area is not strongly warmed up.

How to escape from the heat in the car

Rear window in the car tinted or hang on to them special curtains Velcro.

You can buy car fridge and keep it ice cubes to wipe face and neck and water to drink. In the backseat is recommended to put a few bottles of ice water from the air in the car will be cooler.

Outside on the windshield, you can install a mirror screen.

The car should be washed frequently, from a pure drive to be better reflected sunlight.

To escape from the heat outside the city, so the weekend should go to the country.