To transfer the heat of the summer without consequences by observing a few simple rules. The first step is to properly arrange your daily routine. All cases should be allocated to the morning or evening. The period from 11 to 16 hours of peak solar activity, so you need to wait at home, in the room. In the middle of the day it is better to avoid intense physical activity. If you live without sport unbearable, you can replace Jogging on the street with yoga or breathing exercises. To make it easier to breathe, you can do a simple exercise: lightly tapping fingers on his chest.
To the day to have time to do all things necessary to Wake up early when it's still cool. Evening walk - the key to good and healthy sleep. Proper diet and drink to help you survive the summer heat. To get the body cope with stress, you need to drink more, but do it moderately, to prevent swelling. At one time it is better to drink 100-200 ml of cool water. A daily rate of fluid - 2 liters. Instead of plain water is perfect juice, juice, green or peppermint tea, water with lemon. Alcohol is contraindicated in the heat. They increase blood pressure, strengthen the heartbeat.
If the temperature exceeds 30 ° C, you should abandon heavy, greasy food that very long time to be absorbed by the body. From the diet even required to remove the eggs, milk and milk products. At the time you become a vegan or even raw-foodists. I should eat more watery vegetables and fruits: watermelon, melon, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes. Heat the time to make cold soups: okroshka, beetroot.
Easier to survive the heat if you take a cool shower, wash hands, face, neck with water. You can prepare a decoction of chamomile and freeze it in the ice tray, then wipe with refreshing cubes of the face. You should not go outside with a wet head, as it is likely to receive a sunstroke. For a walk you need to take a bottle of water and a spray bottle to spritz on the face and hands. It is best to walk near open ponds, fountains. In order not to get the head, you need to wear caps and waistcoats or walking under an umbrella.
To escape the heat of the house, the Windows can be paste special teplootdachu film. Support chill will air, but should be treated with caution to this device, not to harm health. In hot weather you need more frequent wet cleaning. Throughout the apartment it is necessary to place the bowls and vases with water in order to humidify the air.