In the scorching heat wear loose clothes exclusively from natural materials (linen and cotton). Synthetic fabrics are favorable conditions for breeding of bacteria, and narrow things break the heat of the body and makes breathing difficult. Since the sun is very active in the summer, be sure to lubricate the exposed areas of the body sunscreen before leaving the house. Also you'll need a headpiece in the form of Panama with a wide brim or straw hats, lightweight and breathable.
Refrain from taking alcoholic beverages and excessive Smoking, as smokers increased tendency to form blood clots. Toxic breakdown product of alcohol (acetaldehyde), can disrupt heart rhythms, and it is very dangerous in the heatwhen the load on the cardiovascular system and so increased.
Drink plenty of fluids, but no beer, lemonade and kvass, namely, simple clean water. During extreme heat, your body is able to lose a significant amount of moisture, it needs to be addressed. Water can be partially replaced by fresh juice. Always carry a small bottle of drinking water.
Since the foods in hot weather perishable, there is a big risk of food poisoning at this time of year. In any case, don't buy food in the kiosks and stalls are not equipped with refrigerators, because you just can't know how much time a particular product has been sitting in the sun. Do not prepare food for the future and not keep the food out of the refrigerator longer than four hours.
Refrain from sports activities during the summer months, as exercise increases heat generation up to five times, respectively, depleting the water reserves of the body. Heat is not the best time for records in the sport. Persistent fans of the simulators are recommended to reduce the load level, time of workout and drink water during class.
Try to avoid exposure to the sun from eleven in the morning until four o'clock, because at this time the sun is most active. So you will tan and burn the skin, the body overheats, the skin is subjected to various diseases, quickly wrinkles.
Do not sunbathe and not swim after a heavy lunch, this gives greater strain on the heart. You better get some sleep for an hour in the shade and let the body digest food. Reduce the amount of food consumed in the heat, because its digestion will take a lot of energy. Abstain from greasy foods, lean on fruits, vegetables and cereals.