Advice 1: Where to rent housing in the private sector in Lazarevskoye

Planning a vacation at sea, you first wonder what to choose – a boarding house, hotel, or private sector. Despite the guaranteed facilities that provide their guests with large hotels and resorts, many prefer the private sector – in homes and apartments vacationers really feel much more comfortable. In addition, the cost of such housing can be much lower.
Where to rent housing in the private sector in Lazarevskoye

Lazarevskoye is a small resort village located on the territory of the so-called "greater Sochi". In fact, it to Sochi city is more than 50 km, so do not expect to be able to commute there. Choice Lazarevskoye is justified – the village is small and cozy, located on the Black sea coast, the people on the beach and on the streets is much less than in the same Sochi.

Deciding where to rent housing in the private sector in Adler, you need to consider that through the village pass the Federal highway Moscow-Sochi railway, there is a fairly large railway station. After reviewing the offers in the Internet, view the address map of the village and select the accommodation which is arranged at the Sochi highway, or near the bus and train station - it will be noisy. In addition, the smell of exhaust gases will stand in the air day and night – traffic on the road is quite busy.

Note also that housing was not located near the center of the city where there is a large market and shops. This area is always crowded and noisy. And another thing: the cheapest accommodation in the private sector offer in the area of the lighthouse, located on the mountain. If you are not afraid that the heat from the beach you have to climb pretty high and far, you can save money and rent a house in the area.

When you do not have time to book your accommodation before you go on vacation, do not worry – it can always be removed after arrival. But don't settle for the first offer. In the city centre, near the bus station and railway, for the accommodation of travelers, where you will be offered a convenient option for you. You, however, have to pay a little bit for information, but it's better than looking for a suitable alternative themselves.

Now that you know the characteristics of geography and infrastructure Lazarevskoye, you'll be able to choose the inexpensive variant in a calm and quiet place near the sea.

Advice 2: What is the weather in Lazarevskoye in July

Lazarevskoe – resort district of Sochi, which is famous for beautiful nature and pebble beaches with crystal clear water. The beach season lasts from late may to October, but most holidaymakers come there in the middle of summer.
What is the weather in Lazarevskoye in July

Weather in July in the Lazarev

In Adler, as in all of Sochi, a subtropical humid climate with mild winters and stifling hot summers. This distinguishes this resort from those that are located to the North of Tuapse. In July, the day temperature may vary from 28 to 35oC above zero, and at night drop to 10 degrees. Is sometimes given for especially hot weather, when the temperature by day is around +42оС.
At this temperature it is better to abandon sunbathing from 11 to 17 hours, otherwise you can easily get sun or heat stroke. Also do not forget about the headdress.

The water temperature in the Black sea in July also is different. If may and June was not too hot, the sea in early July can warm up to +24C. In a particularly hot summer the water temperature can reach +28 ° C, but in shallow coastal areas is even higher.
At this temperature, it is sometimes not even too nice to go in the water, as it resembles fresh milk, and not at all refreshing. But this happens in rare years.

Sometimes in July it can rain then the humidity is even higher. But, as a rule, rainfall this month has very little. Mostly is hot and humid and occasionally blowing a refreshing breeze.

Stay in Lazarevskoye

Despite such high temperatures, Lazarevskoye beach in July, Orgy the tourists come from all over Russia. No wonder, because pebble beach and the water was quite comfortable without breakwaters and Yam, and the water in the Black sea is transparent even at the shore. In addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, the resort offers a lot of fun. Among them: parks, terrarium, Dolphinarium, penguinarium and aquarium, where you can go with the whole family.

In Lazarevskoe you can also explore the coastal routes to discover the history of these places, or take a horse ride. Tourists are also offered to go to sea on a boat, paragliding or take a ride by jeep through the mountains. From there you can go to the dolmens.

From Lazarevskoye, on the train or by car to reach the Central district of Sochi, where there are lots of entertainment and beautiful places for tourists. It will take about an hour. There you can climb the mountain Akhun and see the whole city at a glance. Or visit the Sochi arboretum is a huge area and to get acquainted with diverse and rare plants.

Advice 3: How to rent a house in the private sector in Lazarevskoye

Lazarevskoye is a small resort village, which is included in the line of the Big Sochi, however, let this not be deceived - Sochi itself is a more than 50 km away, Is a popular place where every year spend their holidays many people who prefer a quiet family holiday. The village stretches along the highway of Federal significance which connects Sochi with the center of the country, and even with its outskirts you can reach the beach on foot, spending a maximum of 20-25 minutes.
How to rent a house in the private sector in Lazarevskoye
To rent housing in the private sector, in the Lazarev in advance. Search query in your browser you will find a lot of offers. Housing can be of different class: Deluxe apartments and common, private mini-hotels, houses, rooms. Accordingly, the rate may fluctuate from a few hundred rubles to 1.5 thousand rubles per person per day.
Read the reviews of those who have already been to Lazarevskoe in the previous seasons. As a rule, if the guests are not satisfied, an unsatisfied tourist will not miss the opportunity to speak about his offense. Select the addresses listed on the website, those houses or apartments that are not near the main highway. In the summer it is constantly congested with traffic, and residents of nearby houses suffer from the smell of exhaust fumes. To check where is the place for Yandex.Maps showing all streets and house numbers.
Contact the owners of rented rooms on the Internet or these phones. Specify the rate. It is best to know if you have the opportunity to cook in a dedicated kitchen with all necessary utensils. This will help you existence and will save a lot of money on food.
To reserve a room, room or apartment in advance, so that later in the season, did not have to run through the streets of the village in the search space. Of course, you will have to transfer to the owner any sum as an advance payment. Do not take the money to get the place when you arrive on vacation. Find out from the owner – many of them provide a service for meeting and transportation of guests arriving in Sochi and Tuapse.
To remove housing, if you have not turned this in advance, you will be able, having arrived in Lazarevsky and by calling the service on reception and accommodation of guests. Her kiosk is right next to the train station and bus station in the centre of the village. In addition, there is a chance that the platform you are greeted by a gaggle of grandmothers, offering their services on location. But in these cases the probability of successful placement is significantly reduced.

Advice 4: Where is the best place to have a rest in Sochi

Sochi has long been considered the pearl of the Black sea and is popular. Where else to find Paradise subtropical area without having to travel abroad? Especially in comparison with other countries in Sochi, can not be afraid of the language barrier, also in Sochi is easily accessible by any vehicle – from car to train, and plane. Nature in Sochi is diverse – the heat and the sea, and very close from the snowy peaks of the Caucasus.
Where is the best place to have a rest in Sochi

Sochi can be divided into 4 districts, each of which is suitable for the Central, Hostinsky, Adler, Lazarevsky.


Includes Adler, where the airport is located, Krasnaya Polyana – a famous resort for lovers of skiing, numerous neighborhoods is a Resort, Golubye Dali, Cheryomushki, Blinov, Orel-Izumrud, Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay. For those who need a developed tourist infrastructure, will approach Town of Adler, and those who seek solitude, silence, peace and beautiful beaches with clear sea and stunning nature, perfect Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay.

Khostinsky district

In this area include the Maly Akhun mountain, Khosta, Matsesta, Kudepsta, Byhta. Family-pleasant Host – the town is small, but comfortable and cozy, and to Sochi from him less than 20 kilometers. Stunning views provided guests with Small Akhun, located on the slope of mountain Akhun. Here is the highest observation platform in Sochi, stylized, moreover, under the watchtower. Spa area you can drum up Kudepsta – quiet and peaceful the village is small in size with comfortable beaches. Therapeutic mud and mineral springs of Kudepsta is familiar to many. Gynecologic diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system can be cured in Matsesta, especially since there are beautiful beaches, sulfur springs, and the countryside is just amazing.

Central district of Sochi

The center of the city, in cultural terms, and political and historical. Sochi are associated with this area. Immersed in greenery and flowers promenade which is conveniently located to cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, motels, hotels. The promenade is easily recognizable by the spire of the Marine station, as well as on the columns of the Art Museum.

Lazarevsky district

Unites holiday villages in Lazarevskoye, Dagomys, Loo, Ashe, Yakornaya Shchel, Golovinka, Chemitokvadzhe, Nizhnyaya Khobza. Relaxed and at the same time not boring holiday is the Loo. For guests of all ages will fit Dagomys is located near the centre of Sochi, and the prices are much lower. Lazarevskoye is famous for its clear sea water, Vardane – greens and picturesque scenery.

Entertainment and attractions

As entertainment Sochi offers aquariums, amusement parks, one of which is Riviera and it combines rides, Oceanarium, Dolphinarium, and lots of sports fields for tennis, basketball, volleyball. In dolphinariums starfish you can admire dolphins, walruses, white whales, penguins, sea lions. No less interesting Dolphinarium "Akvatoriya". And aquapark Aqualoo will appeal to both children and adults.

Among the natural attractions not to visit the arboretum more than 1,800 plants, including rare and exotic. Rich and fauna of the Arboretum – the owls, raccoons, nutria, porcupines.

Fans of active rest can go diving, and anyone can learn this sport in many schools. In addition, in Sochi, rafting, rock climbing, Windsurfing, horse-riding, as well as to participate in mountain hikes.

While on vacation in Sochi, be sure to visit such places as Krasnaya Polyana to see the prompt – mountain lake, canyons and caves with waterfalls with the ominous name of the Black dragon Mouth, mountain Aibga, mineral springs. In the Adler district are Akhshtyrskaya and Vorontsovskaya caves, Lazarevskoye - 33 waterfalls in the gorge Dzhegosh, Host – relict grove of trees, whose age is 2000 years. You can not abandon the examination of ancient and mysterious dolmens.

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