Lazarevskoye is a small resort village located on the territory of the so-called "greater Sochi". In fact, it to Sochi city is more than 50 km, so do not expect to be able to commute there. Choice Lazarevskoye is justified – the village is small and cozy, located on the Black sea coast, the people on the beach and on the streets is much less than in the same Sochi.

Deciding where to rent housing in the private sector in Adler, you need to consider that through the village pass the Federal highway Moscow-Sochi railway, there is a fairly large railway station. After reviewing the offers in the Internet, view the address map of the village and select the accommodation which is arranged at the Sochi highway, or near the bus and train station - it will be noisy. In addition, the smell of exhaust gases will stand in the air day and night – traffic on the road is quite busy.

Note also that housing was not located near the center of the city where there is a large market and shops. This area is always crowded and noisy. And another thing: the cheapest accommodation in the private sector offer in the area of the lighthouse, located on the mountain. If you are not afraid that the heat from the beach you have to climb pretty high and far, you can save money and rent a house in the area.

When you do not have time to book your accommodation before you go on vacation, do not worry – it can always be removed after arrival. But don't settle for the first offer. In the city centre, near the bus station and railway, for the accommodation of travelers, where you will be offered a convenient option for you. You, however, have to pay a little bit for information, but it's better than looking for a suitable alternative themselves.

Now that you know the characteristics of geography and infrastructure Lazarevskoye, you'll be able to choose the inexpensive variant in a calm and quiet place near the sea.