Chemical codeine belongs to the group of alkaloids. It is contained in opium or synthesized from morphine. Codeine is able to reduce headaches or tooth pain and to suppress non-productive cough. Unlike morphine, this alkaloid is not practically difficult to breath and the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, in pharmaceuticals it is used for production of combined painkillers and cough medicines. Codeine is complementary to non-narcotic analgesics such medicines as "Terpincod", "Kodterpin", "Codelist", "Sedan-M, Codelac", "Codecan", "Solpadein", "Sedalgin", "Kofeks", "Kaffetin", "Nurofen Plus", etc.

However, like any opiate, codeine has a strong narcotic effect. In high doses it provokes the appearance of euphoria. The list of side effects arising in the use of codeine medicines include: dry mouth, pain in the stomach and intestines, nausea, drowsiness or irritability, nervousness, ringing in the ears, decrease of coordination, arrhythmia, and more. Exceeding safe doses causes severe poisoning in which the patient may fall into a coma. And even the allowable amount of codeine taken for a long period of time makes a person physically dependent on an opiate.

A particular danger of OTC sales of medicines from opiates that of them artisanal addicts make desomorphine, which is called in the jargon "the crocodile". Just a few tablets with codeine sufficient for receiving a dose of hard drugs, addiction to which comes from the first use. In a very short period of time dezomorfinovaya addict on the hands and feet are formed deep and non-healing ulcers. A painful death occurs within a year or two from the start of use. Unfortunately, cheap and easily accessible the "crocodile" quickly spread among the youth.

The government of the Russian Federation and Gosnarkontrol believe that the withdrawal of codeine medicines of free sale will help to reduce the level desomorphine addiction. Continue to drugs with an opioid to the patient's doctor strictly indicated. The patient will receive a prescription special form, which is present in the pharmacy. Re-buy medicine for the same medical prescription impossible. After the issuance of the drug the prescription remains at the pharmacy and be stored for several years.

People who are accustomed to treat cough "Kodelaka and relieve headache "Pentalgin H", you must see a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will write a prescription or advise an adequate replacement codeinum medication. The lack of the latter is not expected. Leading pharmaceutical company has patented painkillers and cough medicines without opiates and started their mass production.