Advice 1: How to buy pills without a prescription

All medicines are divided into prescription and OTC. This division depends on drug registration and registration, in turn, from force funds. Although there are cases when drugs from RX (prescription) was transferred to OTC.
How to buy pills without a prescription
Over-the-counter drug can be easily purchased in any drugstore seeing an advertisement on TV, after receiving the advice of a friend or a verbal recommendation of a doctor. With prescription drugs harder. They are also divided into medicines of the list is potent and the drugs, and "b" is conditionally a prescription. If the drugs of the first group to purchase without a prescription almost impossible (and such sale illegal), drugs from the list can be sold in a pharmacy after a conversation with the pharmacist who asked about the complaint and will warn of possible adverse reactions and contraindications to the funds.
It is important to remember that prescription drugs are not accidentally sold exactly according to the recipe – the potential risk from improper, untimely or defective acceptance may lead to much more serious and unpleasant consequences than the disease itself. For example, uncontrolled pain-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause stomach ulcer. Taking certain groups of antibiotics may cause diarrhea and vomiting. Overdose banal drops in the nose can cause atrophy (degeneration) of the mucosa of the nose, the manifestation of which is constant and unceasing runny nose.
The most commonly sold in pharmacies for prescription drugs dispensed without a prescriptionis antibiotics. This situation is observed not only in Russia, but some countries of Eastern Europe, and South America. The pharmacist is not always time to fully explain features of the drug, why the reception cannot be interrupted after the passage of the symptoms, and should continue for 7-10 days (depending on the specific drug). Indeed, using good modern broad-spectrum antibiotic, can quickly remove the symptoms. But the bacteria from the body have not gone away. And as soon as preventing them to live normally and multiply the substance of the leaves before they all died (and this is just 7-10 days), they quickly recovered, but with new properties! They become resistant. And the stronger the drug, the more bacteria, the more difficult it is to cope with it.
Therefore, despite the fact that many drugs can be bought in the pharmacy, nevertheless it is advisable to consult a doctor. If this is not possible - very carefully read the instructions or ask the pharmacist.

Advice 2: What sedative can you buy without prescription

In some situations the person may cease to cope with life's troubles, stress at work or at home. In such a situation is effective sedative that can be purchased at the pharmacy. But not all such drugs are sold without prescription.
What sedative can you buy without prescription

Medications based on plant raw materials

Such drugs include three popular medicines bestowed by nature itself – Valeriana in tablets, tincture and motherwort tincture peony.

The first tool has a mild but effective sedative effect. The reason for these properties of Valerian – its essential oil, consisting of an ester borneol and isovaleric acid. An important feature of this tool is the softness of the occurrence of the desired calm, as the man immediately throws into sleep and peace of mind.

Valerian tablets it is best to start using before the upcoming stress. For example, you may know that in the next month to be passing complex report or final paper. In this case, start taking Valerian in advance, and the difficult period will pass much calmer.

Valerian is effective and frequent migraines, severe nervous agitation, lung disorders of the cardiovascular system, and in the case of sleep disorders.

Indications for the use of the tincture of motherwort are high nervous irritability, stress, as well as labile hypertension, which currently suffer more and more people.

Tincture of peony is used by people for decades and even centuries because of the beautiful properties of this plant have been known and used since ancient herbalists. This tool is effective in decline, not only emotional, but also physical forces, caused by serious and prolonged stress. It is the tincture of peony is the real enemy of migraines, depression and stress.
Peony is quite a strong allergen, so take it with some caution, watching the reactions of the body.

Other sedative drugs, which often buy in pharmacies

Quite a popular tool of this kind is "Novopassit", providing a more powerful and rapid impact on the human nervous system than other drugs. Its purpose is to struggle with irritability, anxiety and fears.

However, the pharmaceutical company that produces "Novopassit", warns of its possible side effects, frequent dizziness, lethargy and sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, severe decreased concentration, cramps, itching and muscle weakness.

Sedation other sedative drug – "Persina" is softer than "Novopassit". Due to this, people who bought medication will not feel sleepy in the middle of the day, but to feel significant trim mental state.

It is the "Person" can replace more potent sedative and to help people suffering from insomnia, vegetative-vascular dystonia and neurosis, provoking anxiety or nervous excitement.
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