Drugs without prescription: part 1

Today one of the best hypnotics is considered organic Supplement "Melatonin", which is absolutely harmless sedative and relaxing drug. With a daily intake of "Melatonin" sleep easy returns to normal. The dietary Supplement contains the sleep hormone – melatonin, restoring the normal cycle of sleep-wakefulness. Without prescription antidepressants are sold as "Ivadal and Lerivon", which have a sedative and calming effect. To drugs to calm your nerves and set-up sleep include "Fenozepam", motherwort, Valerian and "Suprastin".

If you are depressed or suffer from protracted and sleeplessness, it is advisable to visit a doctor and not to self-medicate.

Has proven itself in the treatment of neuroses "Motherwort Forte" from Evalar. The drug does not cause sleepiness, speeds up the process of falling asleep and improves sleep quality. The tool can be combined with the drug of the same company "Formula sleep", which in conjunction with the "Motherwort Forte" gives a great therapeutic effect and has no side effects. Course it is advisable to drink for forty days one tablet of motherwort in the morning and one tablet of Formula before bed.

Drugs without prescription: part 2

Pharmacies also sell without prescription "Barboval", which includes Valerian, motherwort and weight. It has a soothing and soporific effect, is not addictive and is easily assimilated by the body. Good sedative properties of drugs such as "Novopassit", "Trouble", "Persen", "Phenazepam" and "amitriptillin a single" that help to relieve nervous tension and to establish a healthy sleep.

So the body cope with its functions, you need to take b vitamins, lack of which negatively affects the nervous system.

A good hypnotic effect pill "Sleepy", which consist of herbs and dispensed without a doctor's prescription. "Deprem" and "Glycine" is also sold without prescription and are quite strong antidepressants. Remember that to get used to the drugs in this category very easily, which will result in the need for their constant use because the body will no longer do their job without outside "doping". The consequence can be even more severe insomnia and depression, which over-the-counter medications will not be cured – so take them only as first aid.