When buying an air conditioner it is important to determine the place of its installation. Only in the case where it is selected properly, air conditioning would benefit and make the room cool in the summer heat. Otherwise will quickly cause a malfunction of the device, and the air conditioning will be a cause of poor health of the household.When you select a specific spot in the room where is located the air conditioning, it is important to consider the type of the device, the distribution data communication in building and installation.

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The specifics of the device is such that the air he takes the top. Therefore, the distance between the unit and the ceiling must not be less than 15 cm.

It is impossible to install on the Cabinet, other furniture. When enabled, will turn up clouds of dust that often settles on the furniture.

Distance from the device to the furniture in the room should not be less than a meter. Because the air which exits from the air conditioner will start from close to the surface and back, without cooling the room.

To avoid colds, the air flow after installation should be directed not to people. Stream of air, which throws air into the space, less the rest of the room air by 7-15 degrees.

In the bedroom, many do not venture to set the indoor unit of the air conditioner above the bed in the side where usually sleep the owners. If it is not possible to remove the unit from bed, it is possible to direct a jet of air in the opposite direction. For a child's bedroom it is best to choose models that are a function of the direction of cooling air upward.

What else is important to know

When choosing a location air conditioning in room, designers are advised not to stay on the wall, which is opposite the entrance. It is necessary to choose such a place to air did not spoil the overall look of the interior. With quality installation and the right choice the look of a room will be minimally different from the old.

They should try to make the length of the route turned out minimal. First, it will help to save the overall budget of the installation work. Second, the long run will reduce the efficiency of the device. Usually the track is laid in a duct, which extends through the wall, which is printed on the appearance of the interior.

Try to follow the above recommendations, then the air conditioner will be most effective and long!