The advantages and disadvantages of outdoor air conditioners

Outdoor air conditioning, also known as mobile, are used primarily for cooling indoor air. Unlike split systems, ducted and column models, they do not need special installation, to carry out which under force only to professionals. Enough to put the device in the selected location, bring a hose out through the hole, and then enable the equipment.
It is important to understand that if you open the window and lead the hose through it, the device efficiency will be reduced to zero. It is therefore necessary to make a hole.

Advantage of outdoor air conditioners is that such devices effectively cool the rooms, the main source of heat which are computers and appliances. This is especially noticeable when the device is installed in a house or apartment, not in the office, which can simultaneously operate dozens of computers.

However, it is important to remember that this device also has disadvantages, even if not considered a high noise level. The fact that outdoor air conditioning is only effective if the air temperature in the street does not exceed 20-25 degrees. The higher the temperature, the less will be the device. In addition, due to the low efficiency of this equipment can not cope with the task, if the premises is a lot of heat sources or heating system.

How to improve the efficiency of mobile air conditioning at home

Despite the optimistic assurances of sellers, portable air conditioners are often difficult to cope with the task, a high temperature on the street and not be almost useless. The problem can be solved if you know and use certain secrets, and also read the user reviews before buying the device.
Keep in mind that it is necessary to strictly observe the manufacturer's instructions. Each model may have its own peculiarities.

No stretch, not perezalivat and do not bend the hose otherwise the hot air will not go out in the proper amount. Note that the Windows and doors during operation of the device is better to close, otherwise the hot air will get into the room faster than to get out of it. If you notice that the hose gets very hot, provide it with insulation. Also don't forget to seal it, if you notice the cracks. Air position are not closer than 30 cm from walls and large objects.