Advice 1: Who will be the new coach of the national team of Russia on football

Along with the departure of the national team of Russia on football of the final tournament of the European Championship is over and the work of the Dutch expert Dika of the Lawyer. Now the Russian Football Union (RFU) have to choose and negotiate with the new coach for the first national team. Experts and fans called the names of almost a dozen possible candidates for the post.
Who will be the new coach of the national team of Russia on football

The bad performance of the national team at Euro 2012 has led to the fact that changed not only the head coach of the national team, but the head of the RFU - its head, Sergei Fursenko, resigned from this post. Since the contract of the head of the national team concludes this organization, expect the appointment of a new head coach should be no sooner than a successor Fursenko. And while football experts discuss the possible candidates, a list which included almost a dozen names, known all over the world and only in Russia.

The most famous names among the free currently of foreign coaches with the opportunity to head Russia's national team - Joachim löw, Josep Guardiola, Fabio Capello, Luciano Spalletti and Bernd Schuster. Two of them - the Leo German and Italian Capello - before it is ready the teams that participated in the European Championship in 2012 and advanced to him on our team. And the British, which led to Euro 2012 Capello and Germans under the leadership of Lev knocked out of the draw, the finalist of this tournament - the team of Italy. Josep Guardiola most famous five-year leadership, the strongest team of the continent - the Spanish "Barcelona", and Luciano Spalletti, coach of the champion of Russia the last two years, football fans in our country to supply not required. Less known as the German coach Schuster, the most important team which is less than a year stayed real Madrid.

Russian coaches to lead the team may present the President of football club "Alania" Valery Gazzaev. His name in our country is associated with a period of dominance in the Russian football CSKA Moscow. There are at Valery Georgievicha and some leadership experience first and youth teams of the country, although he was not as successful as the experience in club football. The other domestic coaches among the possible candidates and currently working with different national teams - Yuri Krasnozhan headed the second team, Nikolai Pisarev and youth, and Alexander Borodyuk, assistant to the chief coach of the first team of the country.

Advice 2 : Who will lead the national team of Russia on football

After performance of the Russian team at Euro 2012 and football experts and fans agree that the main national team needs a drastic update. But to carry out the revolutionary transformation will no longer dick the Lawyer, whose contract with the Russian Football Union has not been renewed, and the new, as yet unnamed head coach.
Who will lead the national team of Russia on football

In the list of contenders for the top post in the Russian national team is called, mainly of foreign experts. One of them is 66-year-old Italian Fabio Capello, who brought in the final of Euro 2012 English team, and led her in the previous cycle of the World Championship. His work with the English football Federation has terminated after without the consent of the chief coach of the Federation was deprived of the title of team captain John Terry. According to the results of five years of work with the British national team, Capello has been the most successful coach in its history, the team won two thirds of all matches played.

Domestic candidates the most likely figure is Alexander Borodyuk, working with the main team of the country for the tenth year. He was the first assistant of Guus Hiddink and dick Advocaat, therefore, unlikely to be found among the candidates any more deeply devoted to problems and prospects of the current squad. However, if the football Federation in the coming weeks will not enter into a contract with the new coach, it Borodjuk will have to prepare the team for the upcoming in mid-August match against the national team of Côte d'ivoire.

Among other candidates-the Russians called the two coaches, is also now working with the national teams. This guidance second national team Yuri Krasnozhan and the youth team coach, who worked with the national team on beach football, Nikolai Pisarev. Fourth Russian in the list of Valery Gazzaev, Coach of the year" in 2004-2005 by UEFA and probably the most charismatic personality among Russian applicants.

Foreigners in addition to Fabio Capello receivers dick Advocaat has tipped the two Germans - the current coach of this team Joachim Loew and Bernd Schuster, has still only coached club teams, including the famous real Madrid. Josep Guardiola also ruled teams, but over the past five years under his leadership what has not been won in Spain and in international tournaments, the first team rankings UEFA Barcelona. In the list of applicants and twice made the St. Petersburg "Zenith" the champion of Russia, the Italian Luciano Spalletti.

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